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A Few Easy Tricks To Cleaning Your Vehicle’s Interior

A Few Easy Tricks To Cleaning Your Vehicle’s Interior

There are just some things in life that always need as much of our attention as possible. Like when it comes to taking care of the vehicles that we drive. Not just the outside, but the interior areas of our cars as well. There are several areas to think about taking care of, and there are cleaning tips to think about.

Get Rid Of The Animal Fur

Just like everyone else in the family, our pets like to go for a little ride with the windows down too. If you have a dog you know how hard it is dealing with their precious fur being left behind. As much as we want it to, a vacuum doesn’t pick up all the fur. A trick that you could try is using a balloon, which works wonders due to its static effects. It is a great and unique way of getting that extra fur out of your car.

Make Sure You Tackle Those Stains

It is pretty hard for many people to say that they have never had to deal with a stain in their cars before. Some stains are tough to tackle, but a combination of vinegar and water can get the job done much easier. This is a method that you could try if you were looking for a more DIY solution instead of purchasing a product. With just a quick 15 minute soak you could be looking at a stain-free spot!

Freshen Up A Little

One thing that is common amongst most vehicle owners is that they love for their cars to smell great. You can find multiple ways to freshen up that car smells even a little DIY project. With 5 drops of your favorite essential oil and a cup of baking soda, you’ll have an easy to create home-made car freshener. You can find a number of home-made car freshener projects online!

Get A Jump On Those Crevices

Cleaning the crevices of your vehicle is one of the more irritating tasks to tackle when cleaning your car. Mainly because most of them are so hard to reach and difficult to fully clean. What you could do is try grabbing a paint stirrer and wrap a microfiber cloth around the end. It is a much better way to clean the areas that are hard to clean or reach.

Taking care of your car will always be important, especially if you just got it! Or if you are looking for an upgrade or services you can head on over to Mike Riehl’s Roseville Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM. You can’t go wrong with checking out everything they have to offer.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.