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A Beginner’s Guide To Nectar Collector

What have you been using to burn that BHO oil or the concentrate you are using? It could be a big bong or a simple water pipe.

That’s great, but have you heard of nectar collectors? If not, then welcome to the beginner’s guide. 

The formation of the ‘golden thick juice’ met a variety of tools to aid in its consumption.

The nectar collectors proved to be worthy, and that’s why stoners are including them in their collection. 

Waxmaid is one of the places that you can fetch a simple, cheap, but highly functional nectar collector.

Before we go there and see what’s in store, there are a few things you would like to know about nectar collectors. 

The Nectar Collector Overview 

Some call it the dab, but the word leans on the concentrates.

Better phrases include the honey straw or the honey collector. That’s what the experienced enthusiasts call it. For you, the beginner, just stick to the nectar collector for now. 

If someone asks you what it is, tell them that it’s a vertical dab rig. It takes the shape of a tube, although manufacturers have already gone creative on the design.

Since it’s a small tool to collect the dab, you will find it easy to carry around, especially if you take that long trip. 

You will find a glass nectar collector in most cases, although silicone and its combination with glass is taking over.

You can use the honey straw on all concentrate types since it’s about hitting the nail and proceeding to the container with the dab. 

The above statement may be confusing since we have touched a bit on how to use it. So, first, you need to learn about the main components. A nectar collector will at least have the following:

  • A tip: It could be quartz or titanium. It’s also called the nail, and it’s used to heat the concentrates. All you need is to torch it and then land it on the oil as you smoke. 
  • Central body part: This is where manufacturers have thrown a bit of creativity. Initially, it can be a broader tube that generally allows the passage of smoke. In modern designs, there is a percolator which means there is also a chamber for water storage. 
  • The mouthpiece: This is the part where you place the mouth as you smoke. It always has a flare shape for convenience as you take the puffs. You can view it as a wide straw. 
  • Accessories: Here, you can have an extra nail and a container to hold the dab. 

How the Nectar Collector Works 

If you have already used a water pipe or a bong, then mastering the nectar collector will be a piece of cake.

For beginners, you still have a learning curve, but it’s effortless once you master everything. First, you need to note that the nectar collector is the perfect way to consume the dab. 

Why? Because the wastage is minimal and you will not be burning any fingers here. The working mechanism involves heating the nail gently until it’s super-hot.

After that, apply it carefully to the oil via the container you have. 

The best container is glass, but as we said before, silicone is already in our midst. If you haven’t seen a silicone dish yet, check out the Octopus container on the Waxmaid website.

As you navigate, you will come across the silicone nectar collector collection, available at affordable prices. 

Before you think how high you can get using a nectar collector, go through this step-wise procedure below to get everything in order:

Step 1: Assemble the whole unit by connecting the nail/tip to the body. If there is a water chamber, you also need to fill it. 

Step 2: It’s a bit tricky here, so you have to get it right. Heat the nail for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. The time varies depending on the tip’s material, quality, and how good your torch is. 

Step 3: After heating, let the nail cool off for about 20 seconds, and then use the current temperature to heat the dab. Smoke as you do via the mouthpiece on your end. If there is a water chamber and percolator, the smoke will have a cooling avenue before getting to you. 

Step 4: When you are all done, remove the nail from the dab and clean up the tools.  

Best Nectar Collector Examples from Waxmaid 

Waxmaid is one of the platforms where you can find all sorts of smoking tools, from water pipes to nectar collectors.

Silicone rules the world here, and it’s platinum-cured. That means you get the products that are made to last. 

Here are four perfect nectar collectors to help you begin consuming dab without much wastage.

Capsule Silicone Glass Nectar Collector 

The first one on the list is a silicone nectar collector that has a glass chamber.

It’s eight inches tall, and it has a titanium nail in the package.

When you get it, ensure that you remove the nail by pushing it inside, pulling it out, and then turning it upside down and fixing it firmly. 

A Beginner’s Guide To Nectar Collector

The glass chamber allows water addition, and you can view the smoke volume during use.

How it’s fixed in the platinum-cured silicone body ensures that there is no spilling whatsoever. 

The smoke passes through the four openings as you inhale and then circulates in the water as it cools down. That’s how the percolator works here.

The silicone material is food-safe as per the FDA approval, and it allows for easy removal and fitting of the thick glass.

Needle Nectar Collector Kit 

Apart from having a silicone nectar collector, you can also get accessories that make up the whole kit. The Needle nectar collector kit has the silicone tube, titanium and quartz nails, and a glass bowl for the dab.  

A Beginner’s Guide To Nectar Collector

The nectar collector is about five inches tall, and platinum-cured silicone is food safe.

All you need to do is load your dab on the glass bowl and then assemble the tool by connecting the right nail to the silicone body. 

After that, it’s all about hitting the nail and using it to collect the dab. There is no cooling chamber here so, get ready to deal with large volumes of hot smoke. 

Airship Nectar Collector Kit 

Waxmaid also has a nectar collector in the shape of an airship.

How it helps you float after the hits is quite adorable, especially if you are a space fanatic.

The kit includes the airship nectar collector (all silicone), a titanium nail, a 25ml glass jar, and an Octopus silicone container to store the concentrates.

A Beginner’s Guide To Nectar Collector

You can store the oils in the Octopus container or the glass jar fixed at the middle bottom area.

Due to the airship design, the amounts of smoke you will be dealing with are pretty enormous. 

Cleaning up is relatively easy since the silicone can go to the dishwasher or the freezer. You can also use soap and water.

Nectar Collector Silicone Mouthpiece 

The last piece is also a silicone nectar collector, and the FDA has also approved it as suitable for use.

You get a honey straw with a curvy shape but the position to insert the titanium nail is straight. 

A Beginner’s Guide To Nectar Collector

It’s simple enough to assemble quickly and kickstart the dabbing journey.

There is no chamber to cool the smoke, though. That means you will be using it immediately after connecting the nail. 

Since it’s that simple, cleaning it is also quick and easy. The silicone body can get clean using soap and water. The dishwasher is another excellent idea.

Other ways to clean include boiling or freezing and then use a brush to get rid of the gunk. 


Nectar collectors came to ease the way we smoke concentrates. As you have seen, they are not as complicated as those tools that need a bowl or a banger.

We know that you feel like trying it out, and that’s why Waxmaid is supplying one to you in 2-3 days after ordering. 

Once you learn to use it practically, the rest is about hitting the dab wherever you are.

A silicone nectar collector is something you can do anywhere while concealed.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.