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Keep The Kids Happy While Traveling With This Game

“NumBugz is Bagz of Bugz fun for the whole family and it’s more than just one game – it’s 7 NEW ORIGINAL GAMES  – a mix of numbers, strategy, memory and logic games – all in one handy drawstring bag. Inside the Travel Bag are 6 cute families of Bright Bugz and a timer.  It’s designed to be light and portable so fits easily into a handbag or pocket – meaning NumBugz are perfect for families to take and play anywhere. “

Traveling With Kids

Summer time is here and it is time to start taking road trips. Well, if you have kids, you know this can be stressful! But now you can take Numbugz with you to help keep them occupied. Because in the drawstring bag full of bugz they can play 1 of 7 different games. They only included the rules for one game because they didn't want to weigh you down with an instruction booklet.


This is a perfect game for my grandkids. Because the games range in complexity, there is a perfect game for each one of my grandkids. From complex to easy. We have had so much fun playing with the bugz. I know you and your kids will love these games also!

Seven Different Games

Colonyz – This is the most complex and the rules are included. Think of scrabble with numbers. You have to add their bugz to the colony using specific calculations. The first player to add ALL of their bugz wins! 

Legionz – Strategize to create the longest Legion while stopping your opponents from doing the same thing.

Memorize – my grandkids love this one. Because you have to find YOUR set of bugz. But you have to remember which bugz you have already collected. 


25z – this is the adults favorite game. Blackjack with bugz! Try to get closest to 25 without “popping.”

Pairz – another memory game. Players try to find the most pairz of bugz. Have fun and collect bugz!

SumBugz – a quick and fun game where you try to guesstimate the total bugz in their hands. 

Sequenz – this is for the youngest players. Try to lay your bugz in the correct numerical sequenz!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.