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9 Important Areas of Specialization in Biology

Biology is an important subject taught in schools. It involves study of living things. Since there are many types of living things, their sources, interactions etc., Biology has been broken down into many areas of study.

If you have decided to become a biology major in college and are looking for an area to specialize in, consider the following branches of biology:

  1. Human Biology

This is a wide area of study that examines the human body by incorporating knowledge from disciplines like anatomy, epidemiology, nutrition, ecology, genetics, physiology, and the sociocultural interactions affecting humans.

There is a lot of information on the web about Human Biology and if you wish to pursue and learn all about the human body, then you need to take up classes in Human Biology.

  1. Zoology

This is the branch of biology that is dedicated to the study of the organisms in the animal kingdom. It involves the study of structures, embryology, habits, distribution, and classification.

  1. Botany

This involves the study of plants. It is therefore called plant biology or phytology. Botany involves study of algae, fungi, lichens, ferns, mosses, conifers, and all flowering plants.

  1. Biochemistry

This is an area of study in Biology that is concerned with physicochemical and chemical processes in the living organisms. It shows that the complexity of life arises from the control of the flow of information in biochemical signals and chemical energy. The flows are controlled by metabolic processes.

  1. Molecular Biology

This area of study is concerned with the molecular basic of all biological activities happening between biomolecules. It involves study of the interactions between proteins, DNA, and RNA. The mechanisms involved in regulating these molecular interactions are also studied.

  1. Cell Biology

The biology definition mentions the study of living organisms and you should note that all biological and living organisms are made of cells; these are the smallest units of living organisms.

Cell biology involves studying the smallest unit of life capable of independent replication. Cells are the building blocks of life and cell biology is the area of science that investigates how all this happens at the cellular level. Replication, reproduction, and structures are studied.

  1. Anatomy and Physiology

If you wish to do anything relating to the human body or medicine in general, then you must master anatomy and physiology. Anatomy involves the study of relationships and body parts of living things while Physiology involves the study of the functions of the body parts. Macroscopic and microscopic anatomy is studied and all the functions of the different elements determined.

Fortunately, there are lots of e-learning resources out there that allow students to take quizzes, use virtual flashcards and create personalized study plans based on their needs. So, if you'd like to dive deeper into subjects like upper-extremity anatomy or muscle tissue, you'd be able to do so and save a ton of time.

  1. Genetics

This is the intensive study of genes, the possible and existing genetic variations, as well as the heredity of living organisms. Though genetics is a branch of biology, its study and understanding involves the study of other units of biology, such as molecular biology, cell biology, and biochemistry.

  1. Ecology

This is often considered and regarded as the science of the environment. It involves the study of the interactions between the organisms and the environment. It cuts across geography, earth science, and biology. It is also called human ecology.

In conclusion, biology is a wide area of study that involves the study of all that happens in living things as well as their interactions.

Author Bio

Marjorie Myers is a biology tutor. She is also a PhD research student in a leading university and she recently prepared her thesis on biology definition and interactions focusing on genetics. Read more on her work by visiting her LinkedIn profile.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.