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8 Tips To Transform Your Rental Property Into A Home

8 Tips To Transform Your Rental Property Into A Home

With the prices of the average property steadily increasing people, are opting to rent properties more often than ever before. But if you’re not careful, your lift as a renter may be in a space devoid of personality and surrounded by characterless off-white walls and empty space.

Whether you’re planning on staying in a rental for six months or five years, these tips will help you make your property into your home.

The majority of rental properties don’t allow you to decorate so we’ve left this off our list, but if you are able, a fresh paint job can quickly add personality to your property.

Pick the Right Rental Property

When on the hunt for somewhere to rent, choose a property that’s right for you. Take into account its location and proximity to your work or school, local transport links as well as the local amenities.

Once you narrow down the areas you’d like to rent in, you can choose what kind of place is right for you. Make sure all your desired mod cons and facilities are included. Then pick a place with that’s a sufficient size with a style you can make your own.

Choose Your Furniture & Layout

Whether you’re going into a furnished or unfurnished property, you need to make sure the furniture and layout work for you. Don’t just copy the layout of the previous tenant, consider what option will be functional for your wants and needs.

If you think swapping a living room and dining room will work for you, change things up for yourself. Make the space and the furniture right for you. If there’s unnecessary furniture, you could ask the landlord to store it for you or move it into another property.

Add Wall Art

Wall art comes in all shapes and sizes with plenty of options perfect for a rental property. A wall sticker or wall mural lets you add a feature art piece that can be removed when you leave without damaging the wall in any way. They’re also a reasonably priced option.

If you’re not allowed to add anything to the wall, strategically placed framed pictures are a great alternative. Stand on top or furniture or lean them against a wall to create a stylish finish.

If you are able to screw picture frames to your walls, a gallery wall is a popular trend that lets you combine art to create a larger feature. You could also use photo strips to avoid putting holes in the walls.

Use Mirrors

Any interior designer will tell you that mirrors are a great way to make a room appear bigger than it is. Adding mirrors to your rental property, especially an apartment, will help improve your space.

Mirrors, like art, come in a variety of styles and designs, so you can choose something that will be perfect for you.

Show Off Your Interests

A perfect way of adding your personality to your rental is by decorating with things you love. Use bookshelves, furniture tops or well-placed leaning items to decorate all around.

If you love photography, display your cameras. If you play the guitar, mount your guitar on your wall. If you’re an avid reader, decorate with piles of books. The possibilities are limited to your imagination.

Another perfect way to add a character is to display your personal photographs and mementos. Filling your space with happy and meaningful memories gives your home life.

Add Some Comfort

Little touches can help you to make you’re rental feel more homely. Take inspiration from Scandinavian design and add few texture throws and blankets. These can complement the colors of your furniture and help to add warmth to your home.

New cushions can also improve the feel and comfort of furniture, especially important if your property comes with older pieces. Match the cushions with throws and other accessories to create a theme.

Add Some House Plants

Houseplants and flowers are a cheap and effective way of breathing some life into a rental property. They’re a great form of decoration and can help to improve the air condition by removing toxins and pollutants, perfect for a city rental. A few plants in each room will brighten up your space making it feel like a home.

Use A Rug

It’s likely that the rental property you choose will have a wood or vinyl floor rather than carpet. Use a soft rug or runner to give your home a little more comfort and warmth. They also let you add a splash of color in your property.

A good rug will last for years with some cleaning so whether you’re planning in staying in your rental or moving after a while, you can keep your rug with you.

Final Thoughts

Making your rental property feel like a home can improve your state of mind and give you a place that’s your own. Turning your rental into a home is largely about the finishing touches. Get these right and it will instantly give your property a personality that suits you.

Bonus Tip – It’s always a good idea to maintain a strong relationship with your landlord. This will help you to get a quick response with any issues you have with your property.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.