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8 Health Issues You Must Know About Zika Virus

Today, Zika Virus is a cause of concern and with over 20 countries being affected by this scary virus, it is important that the world learns about Zika Virus, the risks involved, the prevention measures and how to deal with Zika in case of infection.

Feast your eyes and quench your curiosity with the following information. For starters, Zika Virus is a daunting virus that is affecting humans across the world. The virus is mostly spread through mosquito bites. However, it can also be spread through body fluids, especially during sexual intercourse with an infected partner.

By understanding the virus, how it is spread, how to prevent it and how to deal with it after infection is very important. Find out what you must know about Zika Virus and what you can do to lessen or stop the spread of the virus.

  1. There are countries that are highly exposed to the virus. Traveling to such countries will put you at risk of getting infected and going back home and infecting others. To ensure that you do not spread the virus from one area to another, countries or areas with Zika must be avoided.


  1. Zika is mostly spread through mosquito bites. To ensure that you are safe, avoid mosquito breeding areas as much as possible. Drain away stagnant waters, empty any stored water as it can be a breeding spot for mosquitoes and ensure that your work and your residence is clean at all times.


  1. Zika can be transmitted from an infected person through sexual intercourse. If your partner has been to a country with Zika or has an infection, avoid unprotected sexual relations with him.


  1. The virus can be detected with a Zika virus Elisa kit. The kit can analyze serum, plasma, body fluids and tissue homogenates. Therefore, to ensure that you and your family are safe and free from the scary virus, diagnosis is a must.


  1. The Virus is riskier for pregnant women. During gestation period, the Zika Virus is said to settle in the baby’s brain, causing brain damage, microcephaly and is some cases miscarriage.


  1. The virus infection can cause serious symptoms which include headaches, skin rash, fever, red or pink eyes, muscle aches, joint pains and in some cases paralysis. These symptoms can last for a period of 2 days to a week.


  1. To date, there is no vaccine or treatment for Zika. Therefore, prevention is the best cure for Zika. The surest way to protect yourself from the virus is to avoid mosquito bites as much as you can. You can do so by sleeping under a mosquito net and ensuring that everyone around you does. You can also use mosquito or insect repellents whenever you are travelling and wear clothes that cover most parts of your body.


  1. It takes about a week for Zika to clear in a woman’s system. However, for the man, it can take more than a week. This is because, as much as the virus is present in blood, it is also very much present in semen. Therefore, for the sexually active man, take a step to protect your sexual partner by using condoms during intercourse of you are infected.



Kate Gibson is an expert author and a health specialist who has been educating the public on how and why Zika virus Elisa kit is important. She has written intensively on Elisa kits, you can read more on Zika Virus on her blog today.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.