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7 Things to Know About Living In West LA

Los Angeles ranks as the 2nd largest city in the United States. It is made up of hundreds of different neighborhoods, and each area has its own unique feel. Demographics, housing, safety, and more vary throughout the city. One of the highest-rated neighborhoods in West Los Angeles.

7 Things to Know About Living In West LA

Whether you are looking to move or visit, there’s a lot to learn about West LA.

Where Is It?

There is a misconception that West LA is synonymous with the western half of the city.

In reality, it encompasses the area where Interstate 405 intersects Interstate 10 and Route 2.

What Is Housing Like?

There are many housing options. You can find an apartment in West LA, a condo, or a single-family home.

Just over half of the residents rent for an average of about $2300 per month. The remaining residents are homeowners.

The average price tag to buy is just over $1 million.

How Far Is the Beach?

Since West LA is not the westernmost portion of the city, it does not touch the beach. Depending on traffic, a quick 10-20 minute journey is all you need.

Five miles will bring you to two of the city’s most popular beaches, Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach.

The beaches offer swimming, surfing, piers, dining, skate parks, and more.

Is There Outdoor Recreation?

If you’re looking for outdoor entertainment, you don’t have to head to the beach. There are three main outdoor recreation areas within West LA. Stoner Park is a family favorite.

It boasts a pool, a playground, a skate park, sports fields, and a recreation building. Palms Recreation Center is another great family-friendly park.

Palms is smaller than Stoner but includes an auditorium and library. The third park is the Los Angeles National Veterans Park. Its 400 acres are home to gardens and a war memorial.

Is It Safe?

The West LA region is considered safe. It has a B- rating in safety with theft being the most common crime committed.

You should still take all regular precautions when going out.

Are There Good Schools?

The schools are very highly rated. The public and private schools for K-12 have an average A rating. You should feel comfortable knowing your children will get a good education.

They can even go to college nearby. UCLA is only a few miles north of West LA. It is a top-rated, prestigious university known for arts and medicine.

Is Travel Difficult?

If you’re wondering if travel is a challenge, the answer is yes and no. You’re in LA, so traffic is bound to get heavy.

However, West LA has a few advantages. You have direct access to three major highways. The walkability score around the neighborhood is good.

You can easily walk to shopping, dining, and entertainment. Public transportation made up of subways, light rails, and buses can take you from West LA to downtown and beyond.

West Los Angeles is a distinctive and charming region with many benefits. There is a lot to learn and experience, so plan a visit today. You may be calling it home soon.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.