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7 Steps To Build A Healthy Relationship With Your Partner

It takes years to build a healthy relationship and seconds to break it.

We've heard this before. All relationships demand work and years of patience to build trust and understanding.

Healthy and meaningful relationships impact our life in general.

Hence, it's important to put in some effort to design a healthy relationship with your partner that makes life more fulfilling. Here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Respect Each Other At All Times 

It's easy to say the three magical words but difficult to mean it. To love is to respect your partner.

There will be ups and downs and situations where you are frustrated and pushed to the edge.

No matter how trying the circumstances are, be respectful.

You may be tempted to hurt them back with your words or actions because they hurt you, but focus on solutions and resolve your issues amicably. 

  1. Compliment And Appreciate The Little Things They Do For You
7 Steps To Build A Healthy Relationship With Your Partner

We often forget to notice and thank our partners for the things they have done or continue to do each day to bring a smile to our faces.

No matter how trivial it may be, recognize and compliment them with sweet gestures or just a “thank you”.

Sincerely complimenting your partner makes them feel adored and celebrated and motivates them to be there for you.

It makes a lot of difference in the way they perceive themselves. 

  1. Make Time For Intimacy 

Lack of intimacy can ruin even the best relationships.

We often overlook the importance of being physically intimate with our partner as the honeymoon phase fizzles out.

Touch is essential in bringing two people close, and spicing up the relationship from time to time is crucial to make each other feel desired.

Again, respect their interest and have their consent before you make a move. Even a simple hug, back rub, a massage, or kisses are a great start to build tension if you feel awkward to ask for it right away, 

  1. Engage In An Activity Together

Do what you both like. If you've been doing things separately and haven't included at least one activity to engage in with your partner, it's a good time to start.

It could be a hobby, a sport, learning a new skill, or exercising at the gym.

This practice will bond you better, break the monotony and give you new experiences to talk about apart from the usual conversations that probably aren't as exciting anymore. 

7 Steps To Build A Healthy Relationship With Your Partner
  1. Have Transparent Conversations

The key to a healthy relationship with your partner is honest and transparent communication. Assuming that your partner is a mind reader is a blunder.

Communicate about what matters to you, your fears and dreams, your aspirations. When there is conflict, communicate patiently.

Also, it's a good idea to listen to your partner so you can make amends and meet them where they need you.

Just for fun, you can also play a How well do you know me? game for healthy banter. 

  1. Give Each Other Some Space 

We often choke our partners by spending a long time around them, refusing to part ways, or leaving them to do things independently.

This increases co-dependency and creates situations where the person feels constantly monitored or controlled.

So, allow your relationship to breathe, and it'll blossom into a functional one where both partners are happy. 

  1. Display Flexibility In Everyday Life 

Relationships can become sour when you fail to sacrifice or compromise. No relationship is perfect.

It takes a great deal of flexibility to make adjustments so you can accommodate what your partner needs from you. If one of you continues to give more than the other, the imbalance breeds toxicity.

In healthy relationships, both partners are willing to do their bit and sometimes walk the extra mile.

So, you'll need to be open to bend if you wish to share a beautiful life together. 

It's never too late to start building a relationship you're proud of.

Each couple is unique, and their needs and issues are different. Figure out the areas in your relationship that require some work. Communicate that with your partner and take some feedback as well.

With some consistency and time, you'll be able to build the kind of relationship you desire and deserve.

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7 Steps To Build A Healthy Relationship With Your Partner

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