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7 Rules For Stir-Frying Cooking

If you are not ready to spend several hours a day in the kitchen every day, the ancient Chinese technology of cooking in a wok will help you to solve this problem.

The most popular way to cook food in a wok is stir-frying or stir-fry.

We offer you to get acquainted with this cooking method in detail.

7 Rules For Stir-Frying Cooking

7 Simple Rules

  1. Prepare all ingredients in advance. Once you start cooking, you should not be interrupted. You will not have time to cut vegetables or meat. Choose tender flesh, pork neck, or chicken fillet, which can be perfectly prepared in a Yosukata wok cooking pan without any burning.
  2. Cut food into medium-sized (1×2 cm) strips or cubes. The harder the vegetable is, the thinner it should be cut. The larger the pieces of meat are, the more they may remain soggy on the inside.
  3. Use only vegetable oil for frying. It is best to use oils that can withstand high temperatures and are free of sugary taste and odor. Therefore, creamy, olive, 100% sesame will not be suitable for intense frying, but the sunflower is just right.
  4. Separate cooking. If ingredients have different cooking times, cook them separately. It takes 3-4 minutes to fry small pieces of chicken and 1-2 minutes to fry sweet peppers with strips. If you fry together, put the ingredients in turn.
  5. The wok should not even be half full. The more ingredients in the wok are, the more chances that something will burn and the rest will remain soggy.
  6. During frying, the ingredients should be constantly stirring from the middle to the edges. This saves more nutrients and prevents the ingredients from burning.
  7. After cooking, the wok should be washed with hot water using a soft sponge or brush for cleaning, then wiped with a paper or cloth towel and greased with oil.

What’s the Point?

For a stir-frying method over high heat, it is best to use a single handle wok. Food in a wok is cooked for 10-20 minutes while remaining:

  • useful, as foods do not lose vitamins and nutrients with such a quick heat treatment;
  • not greasy, because a tablespoon of oil is enough for frying, and the process itself takes minutes;
  • crunchy and aromatic, like meat and vegetables, when quickly roasted, acquire an appetizing appearance, a dense “shell” on the outside and remain undried inside.

With this method of processing, the ingredients should be constantly tossed and stirred with a spatula so that they do not stick to the bottom and walls of the wok.

7 Rules For Stir-Frying Cooking

Thus, quick stir-frying of products allows you to preserve a significant part of the useful features of products and achieve a rich taste of dishes.

It is prepared very quickly, so to get a delicious dinner in just 10-15 minutes, you need to master the basic principles of cooking with the stir-fry method.

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