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6 Top-Rated Dinner Shows In The United States

Although dinner theatres may have been at their peak of popularity during the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, the industry has seen a steady resurgence—generating $8.9 billion in revenue over a three-year period.

Today, a night at the dinner theatre is still one of the best ways to spend an evening while you’re on vacation.

Whether you’re in need of a romantic date idea or an activity that the entire family can enjoy, there are hundreds of fantastic dinner shows scattered all over the United States.

If you haven’t already settled on your next getaway destination, consider planning it around one of these top-rated dinner shows!

6 Top-Rated Dinner Shows In The United States

1. A Tribute to George Strait—Branson, Missouri

The tiny tourist town of Branson, Missouri has fewer than 12,000 residents, yet it is home to almost 50 theaters—making it one of the top destinations for dinner shows in general.

Of all the Branson shows that are on rotation, arguably none is better than the Tribute to George Strait dinner show—Branson’s seven-time “Dinner Show of the Year” winner.

Purchase your tickets to hear some of the country music legend’s greatest hits performed by the very talented Gordy and Debbie Wensel.

After you’ve finished singing along to “Amarillo by Morning”, “The Chair”, and some of the other chart-topping tunes from George Strait’s impressive discography, the couple will even treat you to a few hits from other country music stars—including Reba McIntyre and Martina McBride!

As for the dinner itself, entrée options include prime rib, country-fried steak, Hawaiian chicken, and more. Every meal comes with a drink, salad, roll, and dessert!

2. Warren & Annabelle’s Magic—Maui, Hawaii

As if you would need another excuse to visit Maui, Hawaii for a vacation, the tropical island is home to Warren and Annabelle’s magic show—one of the top-rated shows in all of Hawaii.

This two-hour spectacle is loaded with all types of puzzling tricks and mind-bending illusions.

Depending on what time of year you visit Maui, your show might feature any of five different performers—Dana Daniels, John Shryock, Chris Blackmore, John George, and of course, Warren Gibson.

The show’s menu features an array of scrumptious gourmet appetizers, homemade desserts, and beverages. With food this good, there’s a strong chance you’ll make it disappear faster than a vanishing coin!

Keep in mind that these 21+ shows sell out nightly, as the small theatre is only able to accommodate an audience of 78 people per show.

Make sure you book your preferred date and time well in advance.

3. Alibi Las Vegas—Las Vegas, Nevada

Much like Las Vegas itself, the Alibi Las Vegas dinner show delivers an experience unlike any other.

Rather than confining you to a traditional theatre, this highly interactive show requires you to dart around the city of Las Vegas on a real-life scavenger hunt.

Along the way, you’ll encounter actors and comedians who will give you clues and guide you from checkpoint to checkpoint.

At some point during the exciting excursion, you’ll get a chance to stop for pizza and drinks—fueling you for your next objective as you continue to unravel the plot.

It’s important to note that the Alibi Las Vegas experience is only available on Saturdays. Get your tickets well in advance and plan to stay in town for the weekend!

4. Ray Stevens Cabaray Showroom—Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is already a popular getaway option, and the Ray Stevens Cabaray Showroom only makes it easier to choose “Music City USA” as your next vacation spot.

During this 90-minute performance, two-time Grammy-award winner and Country Music Hall of Fame artist Ray Stevens delivers a night full of top-notch entertainment with his very talented A-Team Band.

You’ll sing along to some of the legendary singer’s greatest hits, hear lesser-known stories from his illustrious career, and even share a few laughs!

While Ray has held multiple weekly showings over the years, his shows are currently only being held on Saturday evenings. Dinner starts at 5:30 PM, while performances begin at 7:00 PM.

If you’re in Nashville, this is an experience you definitely don’t want to miss. Standard, Elite, and VIP level tickets are available—grab yours quickly before they sell out!

6 Top-Rated Dinner Shows In The United States

5. Soul of Motown—Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Pigeon Forge is yet another location that is known for its many dinner shows, and Soul of Motown might just be the best of them.

This tribute show celebrates the lives of Motown’s biggest legends, including The Jackson 5, Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and many more.

Throughout the night, you’ll hear some of the era’s most recognizable tunes performed by a group of extremely gifted singers and dancers.

Food and drink aren’t included in the ticket price for this show but can be ordered from “Dine-In Café” at a very modest price.

Entrees include southern-style favorites such as jumbo chicken wings and slow-roasted pork BBQ sandwiches, while all sorts of delicious appetizers, concessions, and signature drinks are also available for purchase.

This high-energy show plays once every Tuesday and Friday night.

If at all possible, make sure you’re in Pigeon Forge during the week so that you can make Soul of Motown part of a memorable getaway experience!

6. Pirates Voyage—Myrtle Beach, South Carolina & Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Occasionally, you’ll find a dinner show that plays in multiple towns. Pirates Voyage is one of them—with showings in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

During this performance, Blackbeard and Calico Jack will invite you to join their expedition as they battle other crews, encounter mermaids, and more.

Throughout the show, you’ll witness an impressive display of pyrotechnics, acrobatic choreography, real tropical birds, and plenty of aquatic stunts!

Your ticket will include a four-course feast that includes an appetizer, entrée, drink, and dessert.

Dine on your choice of voyager creamy vegetable soup, captain’s BBQ pork, pirate herb-basted potato, and more.

Fortunately, there are plenty of showtimes available—giving you no excuse not to work this exciting dinner show experience into your vacation schedule!

At minimum, there are three showings each week but there are often showings every night of the week. Purchase your tickets to secure your ideal time slot!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.