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6 Key Characteristics Of A Sexually Healthy Relationship

How would you rate your sex life? On a scale of 1 to 10, is it at least an 8? Or is it as low as a 3?

Well, not everyone has an enjoyable sex life.

There are many factors that contribute to whether or not partners can fully enjoy themselves during sexual activities.

Most people believe that sex is good when both parties enjoy the physical aspect of it.

However, that’s not entirely true.

6 Key Characteristics Of A Sexually Healthy Relationship

Read on to learn the key characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship:

1. Chemistry Outside of the Bedroom

One of the primary characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship is chemistry beyond the bedroom.

When sparks can fly between you and your partner while you’re at lunch or casually hanging out, that’s a good sign.

Before a healthy sex life is formed, it’s important to build closeness and a passion when sex isn’t involved.

It’s the emotional and mental connection between two partners that actually makes sex good.

If a couple is constantly arguing, has nothing in common, or feels resentment towards each other, those feelings spill over into their sex life.

Negative feelings or a lack of chemistry make it really hard to fully enjoy sexual activity with a person.

2. Communication

In order to have a healthy sexual relationship, partners must be able to communicate with one another.

If one person wants to try new things, they should be comfortable enough to voice that.

Sex is an exploration. It should be something that’s constantly evolving— but only in a way that’s comfortable for both parties.

Communication is also key in regards to pleasure.

For instance, if the woman feels discomfort or pain during intercourse, she shouldn’t suffer through it.

Her partner should be aware and the two must work together to make sure that the experience is satisfactory for both.

Maybe they can introduce toys and other playful things into the situation until she feels more comfortable.

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6 Key Characteristics Of A Sexually Healthy Relationship

3. Physical and Emotional Sparks

Another one of the key characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship is physical and emotional connections.

When you’re involved with your partner, you should feel more than physical pleasure.

During sexual activity, it’s important to feel love, excitement, relief, and closeness to your partner.

An emotional disconnect is a bad sign. It means that both parties are using intercourse for their physical needs.

They’re not truly indulging in the experience and enjoying their partner.

Sexual Health isn’t one-sided.

If you only experience the physical aspect of sex without the emotional aspect, you’re missing out on all of the wonders of an incredible sex life.

4. Sex That Provides a Sense of Comfort

Sex should always bring a sense of comfort and well-being—especially sex in a marriage.

If you feel shame after intercourse, that’s a bad sign.

Sex should offer a sense of well-being and comfort, not shame and disappointment.

If you have negative feelings after sex, it’s important to figure out why.

Reevaluate your relationship to get a better understanding of whether or not there’s something that’s causing you to feel that way.

If your partner is in the problem, do some soul searching in regards to your past. Many people grow up with the idea that sex is dirty or shameful, and they carry that with them into their marriage.

There’s nothing wrong with speaking with a therapist to help you work through those emotions so that you can have a fulfilling sex life.

5. Forgiveness

Everyone knows that an emotionless relationship can completely ruin a person’s sex life.

But one of the main characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship is forgiveness.

If there has been hurt throughout the relationship, it’s never a good idea to move on without dealing with the pain.

Unfortunately, many partners hurt each other and move on without ever addressing it.

As a result, those negative emotions trickle into their sex life.

Let’s say there is an instance of infidelity. Well, the partner that was cheated on may have a hard time opening up after the betrayal.

They may feel uncomfortable or even upset during intercourse.

In order to move past it, couples should go to therapy and get healing from those incidents.

Once true forgiveness occurs, then their sex life will improve.

6 Key Characteristics Of A Sexually Healthy Relationship

6. Time

Sex in a marriage is often a struggle. When a husband and wife have busy lives and children, those things can really put a damper on their sex life.

However, another one of the primary characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship is couples taking the time to enjoy sex.

A married couple may not be able to spontaneously indulge whenever they want.

But purposely scheduling date nights or specific times for sex will help to keep things exciting.

Some people may not like the idea of “scheduling” sex.

However, it’s better than ignoring it and allowing a busy life to put it on the back burner.

You don’t necessarily have to pencil it in on your calendar.

But just make a conscious decision to set aside time to enjoy your spouse and have time away from the kids.

Understanding the Characteristics of a Sexually Healthy Relationship

As you can see from the list above, the characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship are multifaceted.

A healthy sex life doesn’t just include physical pleasure, but also closeness and respect for your partner.

Good sex is only good when you can fully indulge in the pleasures of it.

That includes enjoying your partner in all aspects of the word meaning physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

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