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5 Ways Sleep-Deprived New Moms Can Get More Sleep

Nine months are gone and you have your infant in your hands. Motherhood is just great, isn’t it? Perhaps, you are new to the game and this was not what you had imagined. The sleepless nights, endless cries and the affection you have for your little one that makes you run to their crib no matter how many times they cry at night.

5 Ways Sleep-Deprived New Moms Can Get More Sleep

Oh well, maybe it is not great news, but someone has to tell you this—the sleepless nights are not about to end anytime soon. Mind you, a drowsy person can’t manage a family, neither can they safely drive their baby to the hospital for immunization. So, you really have to get it together.

What about your mood? You don’t want your sleep deprivation messing with it, do you?  So, what’s the way forward?

5 Ways Sleep-Deprived New Moms Can Get More Sleep

Well, here are five ways sleep-deprived new moms can sleep better:

Discuss your sleep needs.

It is very important you do this, especially if you have experienced sleep deprivation before. Talk to your partner about things that they should expect when you are sleep deprived. Talk about things like potential mood swings or other changes they should expect. Again, implore them to help and emphasize how much you need it, so they understand. This discussion should be done once you’re pregnant or at least before you put to bed. Let them fully understand your capacity to deal with sleep deprivation. If your sleep need will require you to get a babysitter, then go for it.

Let additional responsibilities go

The fact that you now have an infant does not take away the fact that other family-related responsibilities may come up. It could be doing something with an older child or doing some necessary visiting. If you feel too tired to do those or it will creep into your sleep time, simply say no. It’s okay to say no. You’re doing enough already, so do not feel guilty. In the end, what you are doing is best for you and your baby.

Sleep while your baby is asleep.

This is perhaps the oldest trick in the book. Anyone would think of this and honestly, this is a very practical solution to postpartum sleep-deprivation.

Babies tend to sleep a lot, even though it could be in bits. Nap during those times too, because your baby may not be interested in sleeping when you finally want to sleep. In such a situation, it becomes really difficult to sleep. Everything else will sort themselves out while you sleep.

You’ll probably think of doing the laundry or doing other chores while the baby sleeps, but remember that when your baby is up, you can’t sleep and prioritize your sleep over everything else. Do not also use that time to do something fun, as you will be tempted to. Just sleep!

Accept Help.

Family members or friends will probably come around and try to do a thing or two. This is no time to play humble—you need all the help you can get, so it is okay to accept it. This way, you can get a couple more hours of sleep. We’ve been made to believe that sleep is a luxury, but it is more of a health need. As a new mom, the more you see sleep as a health need, the less guilty you would feel while prioritizing your sleep. Moms worry a lot about the home sphere, but it is time to give it a break now that you’re a new mom. Remember to turn off your phone, television and any other thing that could affect the quality of your sleep. 

It is very important for new moms to get a sound sleep for atleast 6-7 hours with their baby and for this we suggest you buy top-rated bed cooling/heating systems which provide you with a great experience of sleep.

Outsource as many tasks as you can

You could pump and give your partner to feed the baby while you nap. You could also divide responsibilities within the home and ask your partner to help. When you outsource duties, you have lesser reasons to worry and it becomes easier to fall asleep.

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Varun Sharma

Saturday 13th of June 2020

ohh!! amazing tips for kids.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.