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5 Uses of Propane Around Your Home and How to Keep Yourself Safe and Healthy

Propane has been a clean, cost-effective, and energy-efficient fuel for many homes for over a century. After propane’s official production in 1912, according to the Wisconsin k-12 energy program, there’s always been a supply of uses of propane in the home, industry, and farm. Because propane gas is environmentally-friendly and doesn’t produce toxic compounds, you never have to worry about your health being at risk. Thanks to its multipurpose use, managing your household has never been more convenient. Below are four reasons why propane is a suitable fuel for your home:

1. Kitchen and Outdoor Lifestyle

There’s something about cooking over an even flame that makes propane an excellent choice for your kitchen. It burns hotter than natural gas and electric cooking appliances and is safer to handle. Over the weekend, why don’t you fire up the outdoor grill and treat your friends and family to an unforgettable barbecue?

You can easily extend your kitchen setup to your backyard and connect your grill to your central storage unit. Still, adding a propane fireplace is an excellent way to enjoy a night outdoors.

2. Powering Home and Farm Equipment

Propane gas is a tested and proven fuel that produces clean energy and doesn’t have toxic byproducts as it burns. When you consider using propane over natural gas or diesel to power your home equipment, the benefits outweigh the cost and effects on you and the environment’s health. According to WOC Energy, propane produces minimal greenhouse gas emissions, 43% lower than other fuels. As a result, propane is a favorite among homeowners. Propane equipment runs better, is more effective, and generally lasts longer.

3. Heating

It’s simple; electricity and fuels like natural gas are expensive and challenging to maintain yearly. As the cold winter months set in, you want to save money on heating your home. Farm owners also face the daunting task of maintaining balanced conditions to sustain their crops and livestock.

With few options, propane gas is a fitting, safer, and less costly alternative. Moreover, it burns efficiently and produces twice as much heat as natural gas or electricity. You can count on a propane furnace to comfort you and your family.

Furthermore, this makes propane an ideal heating source for water. Propane water heaters are a must-have installation in your home. You get to reduce electricity bills and ensure a constant hot water supply.

4. Drying

Propane has been effective in maintaining a steady heat flow. For this reason, clothes dryers powered by propane do a far better job of drying your laundry quickly. Plus, compared to electric types, propane-fueled dryers are cheaper and don’t produce as much static and creased laundry. Static eventually damages your clothes’ fabric and adds to unnecessary expenses.

Propane’s effectiveness at drying extends to your farm. Grain drying is a crucial time for farmers. When your harvested crop is not dried correctly, there’s a loss in yield and quality. Investing in propane-powered grain dryers, therefore, makes all the difference. Not only do you cut down on fuel costs, but you also dry your grain faster while preserving its quality.

5. Safe storage

Propane tanks should be fitted or stored in a spacious, well-ventilated structure, away from flammable substances and direct sunlight. Some homeowners use pole barns to store their propane and with good reason. According to Bob Vila, you can expect your pole barn to last as long as 60 years+ and still be in good condition! Pole barns are cheap to build, built to last, have plenty of space to store extra, portable propane tanks, and maintain room temperature even in the hottest months.

Regarding your health and safety, you can hardly go wrong with using propane in and around your home. It’s readily available, budget-friendly, highly effective, and can serve you all year round.

For more support, it is well worth contacting your nearest propane company, like Nelson Propane Gas, Inc. for installation and mobile delivery. They will also ensure that the propane is stored correctly, avoiding any potential accidents further down the line.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.