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5 Tips To Help Your Child With Homework

As soon as your child starts school, homework is something you may be battling with them for a very long time – especially in secondary school!

We’ve all been there, having math or English homework set that we have to do before going out and playing with our friends.

Instead of having your children dread doing their homework, why not make it easier and help them with their maths and physics homework.

Organize a time when you will sit down with them and try to help them understand the work they have been set.

Having you there with them can make it a lot less stressful, and they may be able to concentrate on it more instead of finding a million and one reasons not to do it.

Alongside your support, 1:1 tutors are an effective way to help educate your children. 

Below are our top tips to help your child with homework.

5 Tips To Help Your Child With Homework

Reward progress and effort 

When your children are doing their homework, try to reward the effort they are putting in as well as the progress they are making in the subject.

No matter the grades, if the teacher is marking their work and telling them progress is being made, this is a very positive thing and something you can reward them for.

Why not offer them additional pocket money for progress or take them out for a meal to say well done – a meal is also a great way to spend time together as a family.

As well as rewarding, make sure you are actively telling them you think they are doing well and congratulating them for their hard work. 

Help manage their time 

Throughout life, time management is extremely important and something you should encourage your children to be aware of – especially when it comes to homework.

Try to help them manage their time by encouraging them to do their homework at a set time each week.

Ensure they are not leaving their homework to the last minute – as this is when the stress kicks in and it’s not done as well – and think about using apps and calendars to help them remember deadlines and keep track of when one is nearly due. 

Reduce distractions 

Distractions are everywhere and the likelihood is your children will find plenty of reasons to be distracted when they know they need to do their homework.

If you can, set an area in your home which is the homework zone.

By having a specific area, you can remove distractions and make it into a motivating workstation.

Don’t have any tv’s nearby which they can look at when working and do not play any music loudly as this too can distract other things to try and limit is your pets annoying them when working as well as little brother or sisters who may want to say hello when they are in the zone. 

We hope the above three tips help your children with their homework.

Do you have any tips to help when they need to study? 

Which of the above three tips did you find most useful? Is there anything you would like to share that we have missed?

Let us know in the comment box below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.