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5 Tips To Help With A Messy Teen

When they turn a TEENAGER, does it mean they throw out all their manners?  Oh, my goodness, now I love my kids with all my heart, but some days they get on my nerves. I like a CLEAN HOUSE, and with two teenagers I swear that is so hard to achieve.  Well, I'm not going to let these kids rule my house that is for sure.  So here are some tips to help you with a messy teen. 

  1. RESPECT THEIR SPACE: I don't mess with their room if they keep the rest of the home in order.  The only requests I have is no food or dirty dishes left in the room, no wet towels left on the floor, and a clear path to their bed, so they don't trip. Teens are so sensitive about their personal space.
  2. GIVE THEM RESPONISBILY: On weekends they will do their own laundry- 2 loads to wash/dry/fold isn't asking for much!
  3. THEIR STUFF: Keep a BIN in front of their bedroom door.  This way you can put items you find around the house that belong to them in the bin without going in their room. 
  4. 5 MINUTE-PICK UP: Every night there is 5 minute pick up around the house- everyone participates too!  It can be in their room, living room, kitchen but it has to be a full 5 minutes! 
  5. STORAGE!  This is imperative. My favorite thing is the HOLDS EVERYTHING BAG from Samatha Grace Designs!  My daughter leaves so many things around the house. I have this bag for her to put her stuff she likes the most in so when she is in the living room she has it all with her.  Her book, phone, nail polish, lip balm, speaker, and pen/notebook.  

This bag has multi-purpose uses: keep all makeup together, catch all for the car, vanity organizer, or toy organizer. The great thing about the thing is that whenever needed it easily converts into a travel-ready bag. I would love to get one for everywhere in my house, haha! 


  • The soft fabric design makes it easy to take anywhere, fits nicely into a carry-on or overnight bag. The exterior and interior of the mat are made from durable laminate fabric for easy cleaning.
  • A drawstring around the perimeter makes it easy to close up and pack. When you're ready to pack the vanity mat, simply pull the drawstring tight and secure it with the cord lock.
  • When the mat is opened, you've got a clean and contained surface to spread out your toiletries. The drawstring provides a raised edge around the mat that prevents items from rolling off the mat.
  • The mat measures 24 inches in diameter giving you plenty of room inside to store all sorts of toiletries.

Check out all the products Samantha Grace Designs offer and please follow on Facebook. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.