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5 Remedies for Common Hair Problems in Women

Let’s be honest – us women have a love-hate relationship with our hair. We enjoy practicing new styles and trying different products, but more often than not, we get frustrated and want what we haven’t got. For every woman who longs for more volume, there’s another who complains about having thick hair and tries everything to achieve a sleeker style.

5 Remedies for Common Hair Problems in Women

Then there are the problems that plague us all: graying, hair-loss, and split-ends to name a few. It can sometimes feel like we have a life-long battle on our hands, but luckily, we don’t have to put up with these complaints. There are a number of solutions to think about like hair micropigmentation. Here are five easy remedies for the most common hair problems in women.


While some people embrace gray hair as a natural part of aging, for others it can be a real confidence killer. Hair gets its color from a pigment called melanin, which over the years the body stops producing, causing hair to gray. Many women rock the silver look, but if you’re not happy with your gray hairs, then you can easily cover them up with a home dye kit or a color treatment at the salon.

Hair Loss

Hair loss in women can occur as a result of pregnancy, menopause and other hormonal shifts but it's far from ideal. Losing your hair, no matter your age, could affect your confidence and make you feel quite depressed, but thankfully, there is a solution. Advanced Tricho Pigmentation is a revolutionary procedure that helps achieve the appearance of fuller hair. It provides an immediate solution for anyone who’s not quite ready for a hair transplant, without the lengthy procedure. Think of it as a medical hairline tattoo! More information on Advanced Tricho Pigmentation treatment can be found online.


Us women have a habit of blow-drying or straightening our hair on a regular basis, but all this heat styling can wreak havoc, leaving our hair brittle and unmanageable. No one wants to have to deal with dry hair, but luckily several treatments can restore your locks back to their former glory. Deep conditioning hair masks and gloss treatments can be applied at home, but you could also visit a salon for a bond multiplier treatment, which repairs broken hair bonds.

Lack of Volume

Voluminous hair is all the rage at the moment, but what if your locks just don’t do what you want them to do? Dull and lifeless hair is a common problem that many women experience, no matter how much they blow-dry. A simple quick-fix is to stop conditioning all over and just apply a full-body conditioner to the lengths and ends instead. It might sound simple, but it does work.

Flaky Scalp

There are many reasons for a flaky scalp, including cold weather, product build-up, dehydration and a bad diet. It’s worth addressing any lifestyle issues that you think could be causing the problem, but for immediate relief, you can try one of these natural home remedies: apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and hair marks made from yogurt and other natural ingredients. All of these home remedies work well to hydrate your scalp and relieve itchiness.

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Wednesday 27th of June 2018

your blog is very informative, I was also suffering hereditary hair loss so I consulted HGC Uk,

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