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At least once a year it is recommended to visit a dentist because healthy teeth – it is not only elegant smile. No one wants to suffer from unpleasant dental pain which might harm not only your teeth but your mood as well.

But can you always blame tooth decay? Dental pain can occur because of a variety of reasons and it is not necessarily associated with caries. To be fair, it is necessary to be careful and be sure to find out why pain started in the first place. To help you out here – bellow you will find five possible reasons why your teeth might hurt.

Your toothbrush is too hard, and it irritate your gums

Yes, dental pain may begin because of your too aggressively teeth cleaning as well. Rough brushing teeth with a hard brush, violates the tooth structure and promotes the separation of the gums, which should cover the tooth root. If you find that when you eat or drink hot or cold products, you feel pain, it may be that your teeth are damaged. Specialists propose to refer to the dentist and choose the right toothbrush to avoid such sensitivity (these Amazon coupons might help you to find the best toothbrush and save money in this case).

Sinus infection

Sinusitis during cold and allergy season can occur to almost everybody. And this disease is definitely not very pleasant at all: various symptoms like headaches, coughing, running nose, and, of course, toothache. Some of the tooth roots are near the sinus. Therefore, the pressure you feel can lead to dental pain as well. In fact, if you are feeling a pretty intense pain, you should immediately contact your doctor because, if untreated, sinusitis can result in serious complications and you will have to deal not only with aching teeth.

You suffer from gum infection

Here in America, according to statistics, over half of the population, who has reached the age of thirty years and more, may suffer from various forms of periodontitis. However, without this disease, you can have other problems like suffer from gum infection as well. It begins when the bacteria multiply in teeth and gums area, and the body is no longer able to combat them.

Doctors say that this infection occurs in pain, swelling, papules, and bad smell in the mouth. According to many expert opinions, the same moment you experience these symptoms, it is urgent to rush to the doctor, because gum infections can lead to other severe abscesses.

You gnash or bite your teeth when you sleep

This habit can not only annoy your partner but may result in further teeth problems. In some cases, chronic teeth grinding can lead to tooth cracks, odd biting and so on. For example, when teeth “meet” while you are gnashing, that can cause teeth and muscle pain. Again, it is necessary to go to the dentist; he will assess the situation and propose the best solution.

You suffered from dental trauma 

And it can be even if the trauma was experienced many years ago! If you fall and injured your teeth, you have suffered an accident, which damaged mouth and jaw area, or you just chewed solid food and traumatized teeth then you can indeed suffer from teeth sensitivity.

According to dentists, these teeth need to be continuously monitored whether they are still “alive” or there is no kind of infection and so on

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.