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5 Practical Ways to Check a Used Car

Sometimes buying a new car is not probable at the moment, so you might be looking for a good, quality used car. Not everyone can bring their own personal mechanic with them to check the used car out, so you would want to know what to look for when testing out the car.  You want to make sure that this is going to be a wise, financial decision before you make any final choices. Check out these tips below!

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1. Test Drive

As a rule of the thumb, always test drive all vehicles you want to eventually purchase. Test driving lets you really check each and every aspect of the car ranging from brakes, lights, transmission, temperature controls – air condition/ heating, vents, wipers etc. Once you have given a thorough once over to the car, get in and drive around a bit. Here is what you must look out for during the same:

1. Check for odd noises when you switch on the engine – this is a sign of engine issues

2. Check for blue smoke from the exhaust – this is a sign of the engine burning oil

3. Check that no dashboard warning lights stay on

4. Check for smooth movement of the steering and while driving it should not vibrate

5. Check for any strange noises from the suspension

6. Check that the car stays in a straight line on a straight road

7. Check that it does not pull to a side when you break.

8. Drive above 60 miles per hour at least for a few minutes to detect front end problems – you need to know if it shakes or vibrates at this speed. If yes, you have a problem in hand.

9. Shifting transmission and applying brakes must be a smooth affair if it is a car in good condition.

10. Look under the car for fuel leaks after you are done with the test drive

2. Do a thorough body check

This means check the car thoroughly including seats, interiors, spare tires and the tools (if included). Check for damages outside including rusts, scratches and dents on the exterior. And of course, make sure all locks work properly.

Article Source: LYNCH CHEVROLET.

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Friday 28th of June 2019

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