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5 Great Gift Ideas for the Adrenaline Junky in your Life

If you’re like me and you have a few highly active loved ones amongst your family and friends then you’ll know that their idea of fun may be a bit livelier than the average persons! As such at times that makes it hard to find appropriate gifts when special occasions such a birthdays and anniversaries come along. Thankfully, because of that, a whole new industry has grown out of the need to satisfy the thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies in the form of experience days.

5 Great Gift Ideas for the Adrenaline Junky in your Life

So if you’re stuck for ideas on what present to get for an action-loving loved one why not consider one of the 5 great gift ideas for the adrenaline junky in your life below:

  1. Indoor Skiing

A good idea for those with family members or friends that love to ski or other winter sports is to get them an experience day in an indoor skiing center. Gift vouchers for skiing centers are widely available on gift experience sites as well as custom booking and hiring opportunities offered by the venues themselves being available.

  1. Aeroplane Flying / Hang gliding

If you have been finding present shopping for the truly fearless a little daunting then experience days that involve flying may just be the perfect gift. Flying experience gifts range from vouchers for beginner flying lessons to being flown in fighter jets or helicopters to hang gliding. For a more romantic touch, you could even hire an air balloon for a special celebratory meal in the sky.

  1. Driving Experiences

For those that are also into high octane action but prefer to enjoy their exploits on the ground, the solution comes in the form of driving experience days. From Formula one tickets to an Aston Martin experience day, nowadays thrill seeking speedsters can get the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of anything from professional racing cars and flashy exotic vehicles to army tanks and take them for a drive.

  1. White Water Rafting and Kayaking

Kayaking is an activity that is experiencing a revival thanks to the Olympic effect while white water rafting has been the pursuit of choice of adrenaline-seekers for many years. If you’re on the hunt for something to give as a gift for someone who’s more outdoorsy then an experience day on the water may just do the trick. Not only do they learn a valuable outdoor skill, they will also spend the day in a beautiful natural environment too.

  1. Paintballing

Long the ideal for urban adrenaline seekers looking to escape the mundane working week, paintballing experience days are still a great gift idea for those that love a bit of action. Mind you while paintballing is adrenaline-pumping, harmless fun it’s still not for the fainthearted as the pellets are said to sting when you’re hit.

Whether it’s trying to figure out the perfect gift for an outdoorsy person or a thrill seeker that doesn’t mind a bit of speed or heights, experience days have come to the rescue of all those with action-loving friends and family! The 5 gift ideas above are the tip of the iceberg of what’s available but are certainly a great place to start if you’re looking for inspiration. Good luck!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.