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5 Easy And Unique Tricks To Double Your Fridge Space

Ready to learn how to maximize the space in your refrigerator? Read this! Here are five unique tricks to help you double your fridge space. Check them out!

5 Easy And Unique Tricks To Double Your Fridge Space

Are you a junk food addict who's always reaching for something sugary and sweet? Are you a health-conscious fitness fanatic who’s always looking for a healthy snack?

Regardless of your dietary concerns, there’s one thing we all have in common: our refrigerators get a lot of use.

It doesn't matter if you’re living in your dream home with a built-in Sub-Z or renting a studio apartment with a small, beige Kenmore. Either way, you need your fridge to be clean, organized, and to offer as much space as possible.

Ready to learn how to maximize the space in your refrigerator? Here are five unique tricks to double your fridge space.

1. Take Everything Out and Assess What You Have

There’s no point in trying to organize things unless you know how much stuff you’re dealing with. Start by taking everything out of the fridge and seeing what you have.

Are there two bottles of ketchup? Is there an almost-empty jar of pickles way in the back? Is there an old bottle with a sip of soda left in it?

If you have more than one opened jar or bottle of something, combine them into one container or throw away the old one. Anything that’s expired or nearly empty should go!

This step alone can save you lots of fridge space and provide extra room for other items.

2. Remove Items from Their Original Packaging

With the exception of water, juice, and other bottled beverages, just about every grocery item you buy comes with excess packaging. Instead of storing items in oversized cardboard boxes and plastic bins, repack them in small food containers.

Fruits, such as grapes and cherries, are often packaged in thin plastic containers, and they can be a big waste of space. Repackage them in lidded bowls and stack them neatly. That way, all of your fruits and veggies will be contained on one shelf or in one area of your fridge.

BONUS TIP: The next time you buy a refrigerator, look for one with adjustable shelves. You can stagger your shelves at different heights to customize a storage solution for your favorite products.

If you rent an apartment, buying a new fridge isn’t usually an option. If the fridge in your apartment has fixed shelves, there’s a good chance you’re wasting some space.

Unless the items on the middle shelf are tall enough to fill the whole space, you're not maximizing your storage area. But, there’s a trick for that:

Affix metal strips to the underside of your shelves. You can hang bottles with metal lids from the magnets to free up space below. This is a great way to store glass water bottles and beer bottles!

3. Add Rolling Drawers or Sliding Shelves

The back of your refrigerator can easily become a wasteland of leftovers, spoiled foods, and things you don’t even remember buying.

To make the most of every inch in your fridge, use sliding shelves and rolling drawers as much as possible. If you can pull the items towards you, it will be a lot easier to find what you’re looking for!

If your shelves are fixed and stacked at heights that are higher than you’d like them to be, consider adding a shelf riser. A simple shelf riser can double your storage space in an instant by turning one shelf into two!

Risers are also perfect for storing shallow dishes and bowls that don’t have lids. They’re super inexpensive, but if you don’t want to spend any extra money, here’s a hack we love that won’t cost you a thing:


The next time you order Chinese food, keep those wooden chopsticks that come in a plastic sleeve …

Bowls without lids are nearly impossible to stack. But if you place two chopsticks parallel to one another over the top of a bowl, you can stack another bowl right on top!

4. Add Drawer Dividers

You know those drawers at the bottom of every refrigerator? There’s a way to double the space in those.

All you need are a couple of DIY dividers.

The next time you get an Amazon delivery, don’t throw away the box. Instead, cut the cardboard into strips that fit within your refrigerator drawers. 

You waste space when you stack a bag of kale or collard greens on top of a head of lettuce or a bunch of oranges. Instead, repackage veggies into plastic bags and store items loosely. Then, use your dividers to keep them separated and accessible.

You’ll be surprised at how much more you can fit in your drawers when things are neatly stacked side by side.

5. Always Shop with a Shopping List

Aside from these organizational tips and storage hacks, there is one super easy way to double your fridge space:

Keep your shopping to a minimum.

And the best way to do that?

Shop with a list.

Don’t walk into the grocery store without knowing what you have and what you need. With a list, you’ll reduce your odds of buying duplicates, so you’ll have more space in the fridge.

It’s also important to clean out your refrigerator on a regular basis. If you bought something weeks ago and still haven’t eaten it, throw it out. There’s no point in letting unwanted items take up precious space in your fridge.

If you want to become a master at making shopping lists, get in the habit of planning your meals in advance. Plan your weekly dishes ahead of time, make a list of what you need before you shop, and stick to that list when you get to the store.

When you make your list, include ingredients that work in multiple dishes. That will maximize space in your refrigerator and make sure that no food (or money) goes to waste!


Ready to double the space inside your refrigerator? Here’s what to do:

  • Take an inventory and get rid of doubles.
  • Remove items from their packaging and store them in small containers.
  • Add rolling drawers or slide-out shelves so you can access things in the back.
  • Add DIY dividers for better drawer organization.
  • Shop with a list to avoid buying duplicates.

With these tips in mind, maximizing your fridge space will be easier than you ever thought it could be!

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Caitlin Sinclair is the Business Manager at Broadstone Heights Waterworks.

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