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5 Common Car Recalls to Look Out For

5 Common Car Recalls to Look Out For

In 2018, over 35 million people were affected by car recalls. That means almost 11% of the US population was affected.

Recalls can occur for a variety of reasons. Not every recall is life or death, and some recalls don’t require any changes by a manufacturer or dealer.

Still, you can stay safe by making sure you follow the news for the latest recalls.

Read on for some of the most common car recalls.

1. Pretensioners

There are two reasons you might see pretensioners on a national recall list.

A pretensioner is a device that pulls your seatbelt tight against your body when you hit the brakes hard.

Pretensioners that fail won’t let the seatbelt do its job.

During a crash, a loose seatbelt causes a body to violently slam into the front dashboard.

Another reason a pretensioner can be on a recall list is flammability.

In a collision where there’s a lot of friction, the tape on a pretensioner might catch fire.

2. Stuck Accelerator

Many modern vehicles are heavily automated. Sometimes, this automation fails.

In a situation where an accelerator gets stuck in the open position, it can have deadly results.

Even the most alert person may not be able to hit their brakes in time.

If you are driving along the highway and take your foot off the gas and notice the car is staying at the same speed (like it was in cruise control), then you need to check on product recalls for your car.

3. Short Circuits

If something has electricity running through it, it’s prone to short circuits.

When a car short circuits, a number of car issues can arise from the radio to the ignition.

Problems like a malfunction with the airbag or the lights pose a lethal issue during car crashes or while driving at night.

Short circuits with the air conditioning or horn aren’t as serious.

You probably don’t need to rush the car to a dealer to get those fixed.

4. Loose Bolts

Hundreds of bolts are built into cars and trucks.

While quality control at manufacturers do an excellent job, the machines at the plants can sometimes fail or lose integrity.

A common recall issue is a steering-wheel bolt.

You can imagine what happens if you’re driving and the steering-wheel pops off.

Remember, if you try to fix an issue yourself, you might void any agreement to have the recall problem fixed.

5. Tire Flaws

Many times, the car itself is completely fine, but the tires assembled onto the wheels are flawed.

Recalls through the years pertaining to tires saw drivers experiencing blowouts, flat tires, and even rollovers.

Educate Yourself on Car Recalls

Do these vehicle defects sound familiar to you?

Educate yourself on car recalls with your make and model to find out if yours has been recalled.

You might just need a small part to make your ride comfortable, or you could need a major fix that will keep you safe.

Your education doesn’t have to stop here. Keep reading our informative car articles to stay up-to-date.

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