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5 Best Tasting Flavors Of Vape Juice

If you are into vaping, you will be affronted by dozens of options in flavors.

As a vapor, it can sometimes be extremely confusing and intimidating to pick flavors.

5 Best Tasting Flavors Of Vape Juice

If you are a beginner, the chances are that you may start with the wrong flavor that does not suit your palate. As a result, you may completely put off vaping.

Therefore, picking a delicate flavor based on your preferences is essential to ensure that this does not happen.

Here are the five best tasty vaping flavors divided into categories to give you a good starting point. 

1. Candy Flavors

Of the many categories of vape juice flavors, candy is a universal favorite. It is tough to go wrong with a candy flavor, and it is usually a good starting point for new vapers.

Candy flavors are fun to experiment with, and many people choose them to bring back a lot of nostalgia and would not bore you even for extended periods.

So an essential gear having batteries with 510 thread can be your best bet if you want to enjoy social vaping hours with others. 

At its very core, vaping must be a fun reprieve from your everyday life, and a candy flavor is a fabulous choice to go about this.

Another take on this is – you can enjoy the mouth-watering candy flavors without any extra calories.

Most of the candy flavors are crowd-pleasers, and it is often challenging to favor one.

However, the most popular in this category is ‘watermelon bubblegum’ or ‘berries.’

They are usually a perfect mix of candy bubblegum with watermelon, strawberry, and raspberry hints.

The after-taste is excellent and leaves you with an icy feeling in the mouth. In addition, you can choose nicotine levels depending on your preference.

5 Best Tasting Flavors Of Vape Juice

2. Dessert Flavors

Who does not like to end a hearty meal with a sweet aftertaste?

People often choose dessert flavors to replace tobacco flavor as they can be a perfect way to wind up a dinner with friends. 

You can choose from an array of options, from cookies to brownies.

If you are experimental, you can even get exotic blends like apple pie or lemon tart.

Some flavors have complex undertones of savory and sweet cater to complex palates. Deserts can be a great experience in any social situation.

‘I Love Donut Strawberry’ is an excellent flavor for someone with a penchant for something sweet.

However, if you like something punchier and complex, ‘Vape Dinner Lady LemonTart’ can be your pick.

3. Drink Flavors

Beverages have been inspirations for vape juice flavors for a while now.

Their popularity is incontestable, with users swearing by their impeccable tastes.

Over the years,  manufacturers have also banked on it and made sure that there are multiple options for people with varying preferences.

Today, you find tea-flavored vapes, cocktails, alcohols, sodas, and even milkshakes as your choice of vape flavors.

Whatever your craving is, you can match a vape option to satisfy it. Interestingly, many users cutting alcohol, dairy, or coffee have used these flavors to curb their cravings.

The most enjoyed coffee-flavored vape remains to be ‘VaporFi Catch Ya Latte.’

It perfectly encapsulates the taste of a gourmet coffee with underlying hints of chocolate or hazelnut.

If you want a winter drink in an e juice, this favor is a no-brainer for you.

5 Best Tasting Flavors Of Vape Juice

4.   Food Flavors

If you think that a dessert-flavored vape juice is innovative, you will surely be blown away by the variety of non-dessert food options on the market.

Surprisingly, there is a niche market for the main course flavored e juices that range from bacon to breakfast cereal and even French toast.

Food flavor is your forte if you want to try something more adventurous than a generic peach bellini or watermelon.

‘Sauce LA Capone’ is an excellent food flavored vape juice.

We all love a bowl of sugary breakfast cereal, and this flavor is a perfect replication of the fruity loop cereal.

The nostalgia of childhood breakfasts hit vapers hard with this one making it a bestseller.

5.   Tobacco

It is considered a classic of all the classics.

Tobacco is perhaps why many people start to explore vaping. So, it is not a surprise that a huge variety of tobacco vape juices have come to near finesse.

Initially, many manufactures have spent their years perfecting their signature tobacco flavors. Therefore the standards for these vape juices are relatively high.

Beyond the essential flavors, you can also buy experimental flavors combinations of tobacco.

The cult classics in this category remain caramel vanilla tobacco. It perfectly captures each note of each of the ingredients and yet presents a harmony in flavors.

Another classic tobacco flavor is Black Note Virginia which is ideal for your taste buds.

5 Best Tasting Flavors Of Vape Juice


The vaping industry is gaining massive popularity so comes experimentation both in terms of flavors and devices.

It means that you might take a few misses to get your flavor.

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