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5 Best Family-Friendly Dog Breeds To Consider

Every dog owner with kids will proclaim that their furry pet is the best family dog in the world.

No need to argue with that because each dog has its own handsome traits which endears it to the welcoming family.

The parents and the kids have unconditionally grown to accept and love it for what joy it brings to them.

5 Best Family-Friendly Dog Breeds To Consider

We have a compiled a list of dog breeds which have proven to be great family dogs in several households:


The Alaskan Malamute is a big dog with a daunting structure and proud appearance.

But you will be surprised that it likes to be around people, a feature which makes it a much in demand family dog.

But its formidable appearance belies its true self as an unreliable watchdog because it hardly barks.

It is also an ideal house dog because it is careful around furniture and fragile items.

The Alaskan Malamute will not complain as long as it gets its daily considerable dose of exercise outdoors.

Its soft nature also makes it very participative in animal therapy programs wherein it visits patients in hospitals.

Family members should take turns in keeping up with the energy of the Alaskan Malamute.

In summer, it likes to play in the kids’ pool filled with cold water. In the winter, it prefers to prance around in the snow.

5 Best Family-Friendly Dog Breeds To Consider

It seldom barks, but when it does, it vocalizes as if it is talking, with a woo woo sound.


There are many other names for this crossbreed such as Great Danepoo, Danedoodle, and Great Danedoodle.

Families which are looking for a larger dog to walk beside them outdoors, and also to love and protect them forever, they will find these traits in the Great Danoodle.

It is a cross between and a Great Dane and a Poodle.

Once it has developed a special bond with you, it may demonstrate separation anxiety when left alone at home without human company.

If you are a busy person who is always out of the house or travel a lot, you shouldn’t own a Great Danoodle.

It is modest, polite and gentle with people it meets.

But it doesn’t have this habit of licking and jumping excitedly on everyone it comes across but it does like being around humans.

Once it sees you regularly everyday, it will love you unconditionally and remain your loyal friend forever.

Because it enjoys being involved with human activities, and because it is a caring and affectionate creature, it makes a perfect family pet.

They are great playmates for your kids and other pets too.


This is a crossbreed of a pug and a beagle.

The main objective of breeders with this mix is to produce a relatively healthy companion dog which has less chances statistically to inherit the poor health and behavioral issues that are expected in the original purebreeds.

5 Best Family-Friendly Dog Breeds To Consider

Weaknesses of the pug includes breathing difficulty linked with the breed’s head structure and lack of energy.

Annoying traits of the beagle include a strong scent drive and a frightening howl.

These are hoped to be diminished because of the crossbreeding.

Puggles are good walking companions outdoors and only need 30 minutes of exercise per day.

They also enjoy digging in the yard.

While indoors, they are not content to laze around.

They want to race around the house with the kids and cuddle with them.

They are perfect for families who only require a moderate quantity of movement every day.


It is a smooth coated, short headed, compactly built, short tailed and relatively well balanced dog.

A gentle breed of dog that has a strong but happy go lucky and amiable personality.

The Boston Terrier also has a sense of humor and is very eager to please its owner.

This trait makes it very protective of its owner, so it has this tendency to have aggressive and territorial protection behavior towards strangers and other pets.

It requires minimal grooming care from the family.

It is generally quiet and barks only when it is absolutely necessary.

5 Best Family-Friendly Dog Breeds To Consider

Thus, it is ideal for small houses and apartment spaces.


Its coat is moderately long and silky and has a typical red or chestnut color. Imagine walking this beautiful dog down the neighborhood.

Its appearance make people stop and admire it before they go on their way.

It has a lot of energy, so you better have plenty of tennis balls for it to catch.

The Irish Setter encourages everybody in the family to move and to sweat it out.

It gets along well with children and with other dogs, and will enthusiastically be welcoming with guests.

But don’t push it to be friendly with smaller animals like cats because it won’t.

But the general rule is, don’t leave it alone when they are with your small children and other small pets.

Our family dogs make our daily lives colorful.

Treat them as extended members of your family and you will be graciously rewarded with their unending loyalty and affection!

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