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4 Tips For Making It Through Your First Week With Braces

Many of us have had braces at some point in our lives and the first week after getting the braces has to be the toughest.

Your body is starting to get used to the new pieces of metal placed inside your mouth.

Your gums, the tongue, and the inner cheeks will feel sore during the first few days.

Once you have made it through the initial week, things start to get better and become easy for you.

But what should you do to feel better during the first week with your braces?

Here are four excellent tips to get you through your first week of braces.

1. Get Prepared while Leaving the Dentist’s Office:

Once you are done getting your braces, you shouldn’t leave immediately. Make sure you check and talk about the following items.

  • You must check the wire ends. Use your tongue and fingers to check whether the wires aren’t extending into any area that might run into your tongue in the future and cause trouble. If the wire extends too much, it will injure your cheeks on the inside.
  • Make sure you understand correctly that how you are supposed to treat your braces. You should know what you are supposed to do until the next appointment.
  • Check out your supplies before leaving. Get ample cleaning aids, elastic bands, and dental wax that you might need in the future.

2. Be Careful while Eating:

You can eat whenever you want to. But you have to be careful about what you are going to eat.

It is highly suggested that you only eat soft foods during the initial weeks until your teeth adjust to the newly fitted braces.

For example, bread, blanched vegetables, soup, yogurt, pudding, pasta, ice cream, etc.

Once the soreness starts to fade away, you can begin moving towards solid foods. Chewing gums and sweets should be avoided.

3. Use the Orthodontic Relief Wax when Needed:

As mentioned before, when you wear braces for the first time, initially, your tongue, lips, and cheeks get irritated from the newly fitted metal inside your mouth.

4 Tips For Making It Through Your First Week With Braces

This soreness will fade away after a few days when the mouth starts to toughen up itself.

If you feel irritation and it doesn’t go away, well, in that case, you can break some orthodontic wax, dry the area using some cotton ball and roll the wax in between your fingers and then put it on the wire that is causing pain.

This acts as a buffer between your mouth and braces and stops irritation.

4. Practicing Oral Hygiene Should Be Your Top Most Priority:-

You all know how important oral hygiene is.

Whether you have braces or not, you should also practice it. But with braces, you have to be extra careful.

Use your toothbrush to clean your teeth after having your meal.  

Make sure to floss regularly, as it’s vital to clean the food that might get stuck in between your teeth and braces.

Once you get along with these habits, continuing them won’t be an issue and will help you along your journey with the braces.


Adapting to the discomfort caused by braces isn’t easy, but by following the steps mentioned above, you can make it through quite easily.

Once you make it past the first week, you won’t notice any discomfort or irritation with your braces.

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No matter the problem, they listen and help the patient get the best treatment in the right way.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.