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4 Reasons to Turn a Shipping Container Into the Ultimate Pet Hangout Room

As a pet parent, you’re likely always on the lookout for something that’s going to help you give your pet the best experience. This may involve finding new ways to hang out with them, and for this, there’s a perfect solution. That solution is turning a shipping container into a pet hangout room, and outlined below are four reasons why it’s a great idea to do that.

1. They’re Affordable

The first reason why a shipping container would make the ultimate pet hangout is because it’s going to be very affordable to get one. This is based on the fact that there are about 17 million shipping containers in the world, out of which a mere six million are in use. This means that you can easily find a shipping container to buy if you ask around. It will likely be affordable to buy if you have the patience to shop around, looking for a deal. In addition, it will be easy to fabricate into a cozy and appealing space for your pet to spend time in.

2. They’re Portable

Another reason why shipping containers are great for use as the ultimate pet hangout is that they’re portable. You can choose to construct a platform for it and simply place the container on top of it. If you need to change its location for one reason or another, you just need to lift it up and relocate it. This can make it very easy to find the perfect positioning for it, keeping your pet safe throughout.

You can move the container to a place that’s far away from the public if you have a pet dog so that they’re not likely to bite people by virtue of being close to the street or a busy public space. This is an important point to note since every single year, over 4.5 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs, according to the CDC. This way, you can get a great outcome with minimal hassle and inconvenience to your pet since they’ll basically move into their own house.

3. They’re Sustainable

Another reason why containers can make amazing pet hangouts is that they’re very sustainable. This is based on the fact that they’ve already been constructed and so all that needs to be done is to move them and fabricate them. For fabrication, you can make use of vinyl planks for the flooring. Vinyl planks are fully 100% waterproof and can also be sealed to stop humidity from seeping through the floor, according to All About Materials. You can re-use the shipping container for other things in the future if you choose to, and all with minimal changes to what you’ve already done.

4. They’re Spacious

Last but not least, shipping containers are very spacious. The amount of room you can get from a shipping container would most likely cost a tidy sum to construct with other materials. Clearly, you can give your pet a lot of room for a fraction of the price if you use shipping containers. With a little creativity, you can introduce a number of different spaces for a variety of uses in the shipping container that you get to fabricate into your pet’s hangout.

These four reasons should motivate you to turn a shipping container into your pet’s hangout. Your pet is going to be happy and sheltered, safe from the elements all year long. Your hardwood floors or carpet and soft furnishings are also going to be safe from claw marks, stains, and other forms of damage that pets typically render to the indoor space. This hangout will be large enough that you can actually spend quality time bonding with your pet in it, so it’s an important thought to consider.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.