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4 Possible Reasons To Do A Dating Background Check

There are many different ways you can meet someone and get romantically involved with them. You might meet them through work or school. You could meet them through a mutual friend.

Maybe one of your parents plays matchmaker and sets you up with them. You could meet someone through a dating app or website.

Whatever the case may be, you might not know quite as much about this person as you would like.

For these cases, you may look for a reliable background check site that can provide you with information about the individual, such as drug use, criminal records, address history, social media accounts, and more. You will feel more secure and protected from the unexpected type of people you date.

If you’re dating someone that you’ve known for many years, this may not be as much of an issue.

However, if you know very little about this individual, you may not feel entirely comfortable opening up to them until you know more about them.

4 Possible Reasons To Do A Dating Background Check

That is why you might do a dating background check. There are plenty of different companies these days that can do one for you, and they are very thorough when they find out about someone.

They will check public records about them, social media activity, etc.

Then, you will report their findings back to you. In this article, we’ll go over a few of the more prevalent reasons why you might choose to take this action.

You Might Want to Know About a Previous Arrest or Conviction

If you ask a company to do a dating background check for you, that can reveal whether a person has ever been in trouble with the law.

A company that does one of these checks can find out whether the person in question has ever been arrested or whether they’ve been convicted of a crime.

It could be they’ve spent time in jail or prison. Maybe they’ve had to do community service, or they’ve paid a fine because of some criminal action.

If the person you’re dating got in trouble because of a minor drug arrest, like if the cops busted them with a dime bag of marijuana as a teenager, you probably won’t view that as being the biggest deal in the world.

However, if you find out that a person was in jail for murder or something equally heinous, that will probably give you pause.

Based on what you find when you do this background check, you might choose to break things off with the person.

At the very least, you can ask them to explain their past criminal behavior if you found something out that troubles you.

You May Find Out that They’re Already Married

You might also learn when you do one of these dating background checks that this person already has a spouse or even a family.

Generally, when you start dating someone, they will be upfront about this sort of thing.

They will tell you if they have any kids. Maybe they’ll also mention that they’re married to someone, but they’re going through the divorce process.

If the person you’re dating was honest about kids and a current or former spouse, you’ll know that they’re not trying to conceal anything from you. On the other hand, maybe they neglected to mention kids or their marital status at all.

If it’s the latter, you know this person is probably not trustworthy.

Much like the situation when you discover that they have a troubling criminal past, you will want to get an explanation from them before you proceed any further and risk them hurting you.

You Can Find Out About Their Monetary Status

When one of these companies does a dating background check, they can turn up all sorts of interesting information about a person.

They will get back to you with a complete overview of this individual’s life.

They might find out that this person has a lot debt that they didn’t want to mention to you.

It’s not as though that’s something that would come out on a first date, but a person who you’re dating will probably want to talk about their career and monetary status at some point.

4 Possible Reasons To Do A Dating Background Check

If there’s a lien on their house, they owe thousands of dollars to the IRS, or anything along those lines, you will probably want to find out about it sooner rather than later.

It's possible that the person who you’re dating found out that you have money, and they want to leech off of you. They might feel like you’re potentially an easy mark, and if they get close to you, they can ask you to help them pay off some of their debts.

It’s unfortunate that some people think that way, but if someone is in a ton of debt, and they haven’t mentioned it to you, even though you’ve been dating them for some time, it’s probably best that you know that.

You can choose to bring up the situation with them if you want, or you can hold off and see if they bring it up on their own.

You’re Ready to Take the Next Step

It could also be that you're going to take the next step with the person you’re dating.

Maybe you feel like you have a real connection with them, and you want to ask them to move in with you, or perhaps you want to propose marriage.

It’s not out of line to do a background check on them in that scenario.

Maybe they seem too good to be true, but there are parts of their past they haven’t talked about, and you feel like they’ve been a little evasive.

If so, you can set your mind at ease by doing a background check that should reveal any red flags that you haven’t noticed.

Maybe it will turn out that they are the perfect person for you, and you can move forward with your plan with no issues. It could turn out that the background check reveals something troubling, though.

If that happens, you should feel glad that you took this action.

It’s not paranoia if it establishes something noteworthy that you’d rather find out about before involving yourself with them any deeper.

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