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3 Ways To Save Space in Your Dorm Room

College will be starting soon and that means shopping for your dorm room. We all know that dorm rooms can be quite tiny, so you have to maximize your space as much as possible. Sometimes that can be tricky because we want to take as many things as possible to personalize our dorm room. I have three accessories that I like to use in making the most out of a dorm room.

My Mighty Magnet

The first thing that we usually want to take with us when we are away from home is our pictures. Buying frames can be expensive and taping pictures on your dorm wall can damage the wall and leave behind a wall for you to clean. This is where My Mighty Magnet comes in to save the day. My Mighty Magnet provides a smart and creative solution to display those cherished memories from the high school days or showcase their college friends. You can easily easily hang photos, make collages and say goodbye to those space-hogging picture frames and clutter!

3 Ways To Save Space in Your Dorm Room

My Mighty Magnet is very easy to use, just check out this video:

Not only is My Mighty Magnet super easy to use, it also has some great key features:

  • Hangs vertically or horizontally and holds up to 8 pieces of paper with one Mighty Magnet
  • Each My Mighty Magnet comes with 9 super strong Mighty Magnets and a 5 foot weighted cable with a loop on top for easy hanging
  • There are more than 60 unique and trendy My Mighty Magnet themes available for every age group, interest and demographic

Over The Bed Shelving

Another great way to save space, is by using over the bed shelving or over your desk shelving. This allows you to put your school books, lamps, and school supplies in an easily accessible place. You can even put some storage bins on top of the shelving to help with vertical spacing.

Bed Risers with Outlets

Raising your bed not only gives you more space under your bed, but the outlets add an extra bonus of being able to charge your electronics without a ton of surge protectors all over your room.

What are some of your space saving tips for a dorm room or tiny apartment?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.