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3 Ways To Keep Your Home In Great Condition

Whether you own a house or rent one, there are certain duties that come with living there, one of which is to maintain it in as good a shape as possible.

There is no need to allow a property to fall into a bad state, particularly since keeping up with the different challenges within the home can be done without too much trouble.

On top of this, looking after the place you live in means you’ll enjoy living there a lot more, be more relaxed, less stressed and be happier overall.

Another benefit is that you’ll be more likely to get your deposit back if you’re renting and sell more easily if you are putting the house on the market if it’s in great condition.

3 Ways To Keep Your Home In Great Condition

Here are some helpful hints for keeping things looking nice.


Because it’s easy to notice when there is a problem, the paintwork in your house is one of the best places to start when doing any maintenance.

You will be able to spot whether the paint is crumbling or peeling away from the walls, if it has been damaged by the weather outdoors, or if it is just old and needs to be replaced.

Repainting is a good option if you spot these indications of deterioration.

This will make the home appear cleaner and fresher (both inside and out) whilst also preventing the issue from worsening.

Even if there is no damage, you should consider repainting your house every three to five years to keep everything looking new.

The goal is to avoid allowing little issues that can be quickly resolved to grow into major issues that will cost more or have far-reaching repercussions.

Always have some paint on-hand in your shed or garage in case of an emergency.

Don’t Smoke Inside

We all know that smoking is harmful to your health in general, but smoking in your house is especially terrible if you want to keep it looking nice and in great condition.

Smoking in or near your house can wreak havoc on your paintwork and wallpaper.

Due to the harsh chemicals in cigarettes, the walls and ceilings in your home can develop a terrible yellow hue or begin to peel away.

These cigarettes will also leave a long-lasting, foul odour on the textiles in your house, as well as the walls since the molecules will adhere to them.

Even if you can’t smell it, any guests who aren’t smokers will be able to smell it right away, and no matter how clean your house is, they’ll feel uncomfortable.

The easiest way to avoid this is to stop smoking entirely, but if you can’t or don’t want to do so, smoke as far away from the property as possible – at the far end of the garden, for example.

If you need help removing the cigarette smell, professionals in cigarette odour removal can help.

3 Ways To Keep Your Home In Great Condition


Regular maintenance inspections around your home will help you detect when things start to go wrong and allow you to address the problems as soon as possible.

Windows are an excellent illustration of this.

Keep an eye out for peeling paint, cracks and water damage around the windows.

If the frames are made of wood, this is particularly vital, since water will damage the wood and cause mildew or moisture to grow in the space surrounding the window.

Even though they are better for your energy usage, double-glazed windows are prone to problems.

If there is any condensation between the two panes or if there is a leak somewhere that has to be repaired, the window may even need to be replaced.

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