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3 Ways to Care for Yourself When You’re Feeling Burned Out

Burnout happens all the time. And in the midst of a pandemic, it’s even more likely that you might be suffering from burnout yourself. While it’s fairly easy to recognize feelings of burnout, caring for yourself to recover isn’t always so straightforward. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few great ways to care for yourself when you’re feeling burned out.

Establish a Personal Care Routine

Personal care and self-care might be related, but they’re not exactly the same thing. Self-care encompasses all kinds of things — everything from staying hydrated to reading a book or ordering your favorite food can be considered self-care. Personal care, on the other hand, revolves around hygiene, skincare, and other personal health tasks. It might seem like a strange way to combat feelings of burnout, but the truth is that taking good care of yourself, especially when it comes to your skin and hygiene, can go a long way in helping you feel refreshed and put together. Plus, finding a skincare routine that really works for your complexion can be incredibly rewarding. If you’re one of the 40% of people around the world who have sensitive skin, finding and practicing the perfect skincare routine can be even more rewarding. And beyond helping you look and feel your best, engaging in personal care routines can become a meditative ritual for some people. Taking care of yourself physically is important. The fact that it can help you recover from burnout is just the cherry on top.

Move Your Body

Physical activity is an essential part of keeping yourself healthy. It’s also an excellent way to relieve stress and improve your mood. You don’t have to run five miles a day to reap the mood-boosting benefits of exercise, either. In fact, it’s probably best to start small if you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey. Even though seeking physical therapy within the first two weeks after a knee or back injury can reduce the need for prescription pain medication, it’s best to be cautious and try to avoid injury completely. If you’re not into high-impact or high-intensity workouts, Pilates and yoga are excellent options to consider. Not only are these forms of exercise low-impact, but they focus on core strength, posture, and form. You just might find yourself standing a little bit taller after a few weeks of practice! But the biggest benefit of moving your body, as we touched on earlier, is stress relief. Exercise helps release endorphins, which can, in turn, contribute to the release of mood-boosting chemicals in your body.

Take a Break

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself when you’re feeling burned out is to take a break from whatever it is that’s stressing you out. In most cases, work is the primary cause of burnout. If work is contributing to your stress and feelings of burnout, then it’s time for a vacation. Whether you’re one of the 49% of people who have a property specifically for vacation purposes or you prefer staycations, taking time off from work is essential to caring for your mental health. Not only does it completely remove you from a working environment, but it gives you all the time you need to focus on yourself for a few days. Just make sure you’re setting mindful boundaries while you enjoy your time off. Taking a day or two away from your phone and computer could also help relieve those feelings of burnout.

When you’re feeling so stressed you can’t function, it’s time to take care of yourself and leave work behind for a little bit. If you’re experiencing feelings of burnout, make sure you try one of these activities.

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