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3 reasons you are a great mom!



We all ask the question once in a while, Am I a good Mom? Here are 3 reasons!

Mother’s Day has passed and we all spoiled our moms, kissed our grandmas and gave hugs to our kids. Once a year, we  as moms, get one day when our kids, spouses and friends say “Happy Mothers’ Day and “Thank you”. Being a mom can sometimes feel like a job that never ends, is always tiring and is full of selfless acts. However, we all know that being a mom is one of the greatest blessings in life. Seeing our kids excel at something we taught them, watching them play and laugh, or even holding our little ones before bed time is the greatest reward we could ask for. Sure getting gifts on Mother’s day is appreciated but the true reward comes every other day of the year when our little one says “I love you mom”.

 I am reminded of how my gifts to my mom have changed over the years. One of the first gifts I made her was a kleenex box covered in macaroni noodles. She loved it of course and made me feel like Leonardo Di Vinci when he finished the Mona Lisa. She would ooh and ahh and comment on how every noodle was glued in just the perfect way. Then fast forward a few years because let’s face it you can’t do better than a box covered in noodles till you are a little older. A few years later, I started hand sewing and made her a little coin purse. She loved that as well, saying it was beautiful and I might have a future in fashion design. The little purse with uneven stitches would barely hold more than a few coins but to my mom it was a treasure box. I love my mom because of those little things and now that I am a mom myself I think my Mother’s day gifts to her have improved. But, what I know will stay the same is how thankful she is about anything I give her. 

After a day of spoiling you might be like me and think, “Do I deserve it?” Here are three reasons I believe you can find the answer to the ultimate question of “AM I A GOOD MOM?” I am sure there are many other reasons but here are the 3 reasons I like best.

  1. Your first and last thought of the day is about them. When you wake up in the morning, one of the first things you think about is your kids. Whether it is a school project or activity or a health concern. Whatever it is if you really think about it – it is about your kids. That is because you love them and of course they are going to be a top priority. Sure we all have bad days, busy days and off days. Being a mom is hard. As you are constantly giving of your time and energy you are bound to get worn out eventually. After all, we are just human. But what separates the good moms from others are the ones that end up caring, planning and thinking about our kids. Most of the time we don’t even notice it because it is second nature for us to think of them first. 
  2. You have spent time worrying. Of course, we all do it. Worry. It is not the best option for dealing with changes but what makes you a good mom is that you have worried about your kids. You wonder if they have enough friends or too many friends. Do they eat healthy enough or too much junk food? Do they have enough opportunities or are the being held back by something. No matter what it is you are thinking the most about it proves you are a good mom. You spend your time thinking the most about your kids and what is best for them.
  3. You ask yourself the question in the first place so the answer is yes!! I love this reason most of all. The simple act of me self-evaluating my mom skills is the only explanation I need. Asking yourself that question shows you care and are not only a good mom but a FANTASTIC mom. It seems simple but lets look at other areas in our life. There are multiple roles we perform as we engage in life’s activities. When I exercise, I rarely ask my self if I am good at it. It is the same with cleaning, I don’t think I have ever asked myself if I am good dishwasher loader or unloader. I don’t really care if I am good at that. I just do it and move on to the next task on my list. But, being a mom is different. You asked yourself that question because you want to be the best mom for your kids. You care about them and you want them to have the best that life can offer them.

So if you read my 3 reasons then the answer is…

Yes you are a good mom! Don’t doubt how great you are just because of one bad day. Just get a good night sleep and start again tomorrow. We only get our kids for a short time of their lives. Soon they will be out in the world making a home for themselves. Cherish the moments you have and focus on the important things in life. Just like my gifts I made for my mom. I don’t remember where they are today, or what happened to them later. All I remember was how special she made me feel for making something for her. I guarantee your kids won’t remember if there were always dishes in the sink or not. They WILL remember how many hugs you gave, games you played and all the time you spent with them.


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