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3 Gorgeous DIY Jewelry Crafts

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I am a jewelry, junkie! Necklaces, rings, bracelets; I’m pierced close to 30 times in my ears. If it’s sparkly, shiny or sentimental, I’m doubly down!

Jewelry is expensive, though. Even if it’s not “two month’s salary”, or anything that will “begin a kiss”, bling isn’t cheap.
Plus, trends change so quickly these days, it hardly seems worth investing a chunk of change into anything that’s simply going to be a statement piece.
If you enjoy crafting, like I do, or you want to help the kids out with a couple fun science-y projects for a boring weekend or rainy day, check out these three, super cool ways to make your own jewelry.

This DIY photo pendant can be made for under $3. Yup, three dollars. Add a picture of a cherished loved one or pet, song lyrics or a special quote or a patterned picture to match your outfit. Could be modified to make a fabulous brooch or pin, too.

Resin jewelry is a beautiful way to immortalize and preserve just about anything. As shown in the tutorial, everything from flowers, twigs and leaves to plastic spiders from Halloween, sprinkles and glitter was used. I would love to try this with seashells we’ve found on the beach, but you could use dollar store finds, your child’s first tooth for the Tooth Fairy or a rose from when you were married. The process is the same for larger objects, just adjust the mold size and amount of product you use.

Borax Crystal Balls are my favorite of the three (even though I want to do them all). This would not only be a sparkly, eye-catching addition to your outfit but is a great project for kids to teach them some science, as well as patience (waiting for the crystals to mature). This site is helpful if you like bright, vibrant colors while this site offers more science education and more natural color options.
With the holiday season just around the corner, these would make beautiful, thoughtful gifts that offer the kids a chance to be hands on, and help everyone make a memory.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.