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11 Hobbies For Moms Who Actually Have Free Time

The kids are at school, the house is clean, and you have a blessed afternoon to yourself. What will you do with your free time?

Why not adopt a pastime? You have the freedom to choose from so many activities that it’s hard to select only one.

What should you try? Here are 11 hobbies for moms who actually have free time.

11 Hobbies For Moms Who Actually Have Free Time

1. Sculpting

Who can forget the iconic pottery scene in the hit early 90’s movie “Ghost?”

There’s something divinely sensual about burying your hands in clay, regardless of whether your partner joins you on the wheel.

Of course, you don’t have to get super messy or invest in a wheel or kiln to make fabulous sculpted creations.

You can use an old piece of ceramic tile as a base for coaxing polymer clay into everything from coffee mugs to children’s toys.

You can often find inexpensive tools at dollar stores — check before dropping a bundle at the art supply supercenter.

2. Photography

You don’t have to have the ability to draw to enjoy photography — simply an artist’s eye. Best of all, you might not even have to invest in a camera to get started.

Today’s cellphones take much better pictures than the Polaroids of yesteryear with the same instant satisfaction. Simply snap and share to social media.

What should you photograph? If you live in a beautiful natural area, why not let your daily walk become your backdrop?

If you can’t get enough of other people’s babies, why not consider starting a side hustle photographing showers and baptisms? You can earn extra cash and perhaps even expand in a few years.

3. Woodworking

Have you always thought you could design better furniture than you see in the showroom?

Why not give woodworking a go? You might want to start with something smaller, like a birdhouse, before graduating to a full dining room set.

Woodworking requires tools, so this hobby works best if you have plenty of extra cash in your pocket.

However, you can also turn this pastime into a source of income if you hone your artistry.

4. Knitting

Knitting is a relaxing, mindful activity. It’s also utilitarian. Who couldn’t use a new hat far more stylish than anything on store shelves?

You’ll need to master four basic stitches to get going on your next scarf:

  • The slipknot
  • The knit stitch
  • The purl stitch
  • Binding or casting off

This hobby will make you the go-to gift queen for holiday time. It also keeps your lap toasty warm in winter.

5. Gardening

Did you make it through the pandemic without planting a garden? Now that you have fewer worries about seed shortages, why don’t you get outside and dig in the good earth?

You don’t necessarily need to drop a bundle at the nursery. You can learn how to save the seeds from your organic produce and start them indoors before transplanting them to your garden.

A plastic storage bin makes an excellent start for compost, helping you decrease food waste by repurposing your plant-based scraps.

6. Automotive Restoration

Who said that moms couldn’t change tires? If you’ve ever been stuck on the side of the road with a cranky toddler, you might have mastered that knack and more.

Restoring automobiles ranges from beginner fixes like swapping out a radiator to full engine rebuilds.

It can take years to acquire expertise, but you can get started on simpler upgrades like changing your headlights and touching up your paint.

7. Golf

Why are you still waiting if you’ve never spent a sunny afternoon on the links?

Golf provides gentle exercise and the chance to gossip with friends while enjoying the beautiful weather.

It’s best to take a lesson or two to maximize your enjoyment of this sport. Believe it or not, it can be tough to hit that stationary ball, but you’ll have a blast once you get the knack.

11 Hobbies For Moms Who Actually Have Free Time

8. Fishing

Spending the afternoon floating peacefully around a lake in a rowboat qualifies as a meditative, mindful activity.

However, you can up the excitement by catching the family dinner.

You can get started fishing on the shores of any local waterway with a simple rod and reel.

Dedicated anglers can invest in hip waders, specialty lures and perhaps even a boat to spend many a happy hour seeking trout.

9. Reading Circles

When was the last time you read a book for pleasure? Wouldn’t it be heavenly to find others who shared your passion for the same characters?

You can get started with a reading circle at your local library — many have links to such resources. You can also find online book clubs catered to nearly any genre.

10. Scrapbooking 

Are you swimming in a sea of disorganized souvenirs from your last vacation? Where can you preserve your first lock of your baby’s hair and all those wedding photographs?

Why not take up scrapbooking?

This hobby lets you preserve photographs and other mementos of nostalgic memories and present them artistically to anyone who shows interest — which is everyone because, ..darling, you’re fascinating!

11. Hiking

Here’s a hobby that lets you maximize the beautiful summer weather. Hiking gets your blood pumping and tones your legs like few other exercises.

It’s also a fabulous way to get mindful.

As you walk, pay attention to what you see, hear, feel and smell. What do you sense as your feet strike the earth? Is the breeze pleasantly cool or summer-hot?

Hobbies for Moms With Free Time

If you have free time, rejoice. You have so many more options than Netflix for passing the afternoon until your children arrive home from school.

Why not adopt one of these 11 hobbies for moms with free time?

You’ll maximize your enjoyment and bring your better attitude home to your family.

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