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10 Types of Women’s Shoes for Every Season

One of the most important things you put on every day is a pair of shoes. Footwear is arguably the most functional and necessary part of a wardrobe. Don’t believe me? Watch an episode of Naked and Afraid. The first thing the survivalist do is craft a pair of makeshift shoes, not clothing to cover their body.

10 Types of Women’s Shoes for Every Season

A lot goes into the selection of a good pair of shoes. According to Crocs, the fit is the first thing we look for since you can only cram a foot into a shoe so far. Design also ranks pretty high on the list for most people. And of course, different occasions call for different shoes.

There are seasonal concerns that have to be considered as well. For instance, you’ve got to have shoes that transition from winter to spring when the weather is less predictable. It’s a matter of comfort, function, and practicality.

You don’t have to go broke buying shoes, but every woman can benefit from having these 10 types of shoes in their closet.

Cowboy Boots for Girls

A longtime favorite footwear style is cowboy boots. Women’s cowboy boots are a must for country music lovers that get down at concerts, but they’re also just as functional as they are fashionable.

Western footwear is built to be extremely durable because it came to prominence during the Wild West era. Homesteaders couldn’t take much with them, conditions were harsh and the work was hard. Another thing that’s great about cowboy boots is they can be worn during every season.

Black Motorcycle Boots

Want to up the color factor of your outfit? Then slip on a pair of black motorcycle boots. Ankle, mid-calf, knee-high – no matter how tall they are, motorcycle boots have a way of adding just the right amount of edge.

Flip Flops

When summer rolls around and things heat up, people start adjusting their wardrobe right down to their shoes. In the summer guys and gals beat the heat with flip-flops.

Platform Sandals

Another spring and summer favorite is platform sandals. They’re easier on the arches than pumps but still elongate the legs. Plus, they can go from daytime to nighttime no problem in the warm months.

Strappy Sandals

A pair of strappy sandals immediately dressed up a summer ensemble, even if they’re flats. Hey might seem like a bit of a fuss, but once you get them laced up they’re remarkably comfortable.

Peep-Toe Pumps

Peep-toe pumps are one of the most universally flattering types of heels, and the peep of toe makes them very versatile. You can wear them year-round with your cocktail dresses, suits, and other dressy attire.


Booties are another peep-toe design that’s become super fashionable. They cover most of the foot but still leave room to breathe a little. The style offers a transition from summer sandals to winter boots, which is why they’re now considered a fall staple.

The Classic Pump

Classic pumps are like a little black dress – every woman should own at least one pair. They are the stylish workhorses of footwear. A classic pump will have a pointed toe and heel that’s more substantial than a stiletto.

Ballet Flats

They’re demure, comfortable and come in every material imaginable. Ballet flats are no longer just for dancers. It’s an everyday shoe you can slip on to dress up or dress down an outfit. It all depends on the ballet flat you choose.

One reason I love ballet flats so much is they’re practical in the fall, spring and summer. In some climates, they can also be worn during the winter as long as they have a thick sole.

Athletic Shoes

Long gone are the days when athletic footwear was nothing but plain, styleless shoes or something that was designed with men in mind. The athleisure trend has put athletic shoes at the forefront of design houses and the results have been amazing. Not only do those shoes look great, Zero Drop athletic shoes can be very comfortable as well. You can check out the best ones by visiting Shoe Hero.

There are now endless options when it comes to comfortable shoes you can wear to the gym or while running errands. They give you an opportunity to show off personal style throughout the seasons, but don’t get too attached. Athletic footwear typically needs to be replaced much sooner than other shoes.

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Melissa Watson

Monday 26th of February 2018

Footwear has always been part of women's fashion. There are so many women's shoes available in the market that can be absolutely loved by women. Thanks for sharing this awesome fashion tips with us.

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