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10 Reasons You Should Encourage Your Family To Play Golf

As the weather gets warmer, it may mean that some family members will begin to spend nights, weekends or maybe lunch breaks playing golf. With rounds taking anywhere from 2 – 4 hours, and often followed by taking meat at the clubhouse, there’s no doubt that golf can be highly beneficial to the entire family. Fortunately, your family will enjoy playing golf together. Additionally, it brings with it an array of lifelong benefits.

The following are the top 10 reasons why you should play golf with your family:

#1. Practice and Learn Lifelong Lessons

Have you been looking for the best way to teach your kid (s) some of the greatest lessons in life? You should talk them with you to a golf course and allow them the opportunity to learn through action. Golf is a sport of good etiquette and honesty. While playing, you’ll discuss with them the need for patience, disciplines as well as the ability to conquer challenges not only in the sport but also in life. Make sure also that you have with you the important golf stuff you need such as golf towels to wipe sweat from the play.

#2.  Opportunity To Grow Business Asset

There’s more to golf than just being a game. For many years, business opportunities and deals have been created, discussed and finalized on the golf course. By getting the entire family involved in the game, they’ll thank you for giving them the chance to pitch an idea while they’re sinking a 15-foot putt. Begin building the resume of your kid by buying them their maiden set of clubs or best golf push cart.

#3. Family Fitness Time

One of the ways that make fitness fun and easy is by playing golf. According to research, golf players walk roughly 2.5 miles after every nine holes. By walking with your family while playing golf, you guys will not only burn calories but also get to spend more quality time together.

#4. Have Fun – Make Memories

To be a master golf player, it takes time and practice. It can turn out to be frustrating at times. However, the focus of your family golf outings shouldn’t be about competition but fun. Before taking your family for an eighteen holes walk, you should gauge the skill and attitude level. Golf is a game that your family can play for such a long time because of the fun and memories it brings with it.

#5. Be Active And Enjoy The Outdoors

Playing golf takes you and your family to some natural and beautiful landscapes. It encourages the entire family to be active, get moving. It’s an incredible way for the family to get off the sofa and take a relaxing break from Facebook, phone, email and any other hustle and bustle of life.

#6. Learn How To Manage Emotions

Golf closely parallels the real life because one experiences the lows and highs of the game. From triple bogeys to birdies, there’s no doubt that the range of experience rewards the ability of a person to keep every shot into perspective. Your family will be able to learn how to manage emotions, maintain a positive outlook as well as focus on the objective.

#7. Opportunity For College Scholarships

Another reason you should play golf with your family is the opportunity you present to your kids to learn the sport and eventually become pros. Avid golfers boast plenty of chances in regards to college funding. The earlier your kid begins to learn the spot, the higher the chance of gaining access to the scholarship fund. Therefore, anytime you go golfing, why not take your child or children with you? You’ll be surprised by the interest some of the kids develop when it comes to playing golf. If channeled well, that interest can go miles in shaping them to become pros and grab the scholarship opportunities.

8. Appreciate Diversity

Golf is a sport that can be played by all folks regardless of skill level, size, ethnicity, gender or age. Additionally, it can be played on different courses around the country and the world. By engaging your family in the sport, they’ll have the opportunity to meet different people and play on various courses thus appreciating diversity. That experience is out of this world.

#9. Develop The Power Concentration

Most if not all situations in life require total concentration. Nonetheless, very few of them hone and teach it as a skill. Golf requires developing strategies for every individual hole. Within that framework, golfers need to concentrate on hitting each shot with a certain preciseness. Your family members can learn a thing or two about concentration from playing golf. That way, each member will be able to apply the concentration skills in their life in situations such as exams or chores at home.

#10. Learn How To Handle Challenges

With the sport of golf, there’s always a new course to play, score to beat and/or new terrain to negotiate. Players, even on a familiar course, can experiment with different strategies or shots for a hole every time one is playing. That way, golf players not only appreciate challenges, but also learn how to handle them. For sure, it’s something your family can benefit from immensely.

And not only that but you could even go on family trips to experience new challenges. The UK has some of the best courses in the world and if you want to find the best golf breaks in Scotland then head over to this site. 


Are you looking into enjoying some golf playing time with your family this season? If yes, then you should consider making golf a great family event. You’ll not only benefit from the above, but also from so much more. That is for sure.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.