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10 Products That Make Your Brain Work

The cerebrum – the most important organ of human body. It is responsible for the proper functioning of all organs and body systems.

It is interesting:

  • Speed of data cerebrum processing is higher than the speed of the average computer;
  • The cerebrum has the best circulatory system. The length of all vessels is about 161 thousand kilometers;
  • During the active phase, the cerebrum generates electrical energy that could feed a small light of a bulb.
  • The cerebrum of men is larger on 10% than female.

Our cerebrum – the most complex tool of all, which we use every day. And complete work of it needs nutritious food. Invigorate it by coffee and chocolates – not an option. They, certainly, a booster of brain power but solve the problem only for the next 15 minutes, but after that, you will feel sleepy and apathy. To supply it, you should use essential proteins, polyunsaturated fats, carbohydrates, vitamin c and many other vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and minerals are many other substances that improve its performance, provide vitality. And these substances, it is quite possible to get with food, just correctly organize your meals.

Which products are particularly useful in nutrition for the brain?

1.Oily fish


Two days per week of fish get rid of wrinkles and cancer.

The salmon and other fatty fish, mackerel or catfish, has a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids. From these, our body produces a substance – myelin. It is necessary to ensure that our cerebrum quickly and reliably transmits information from one cell to another. So that 100 grams of fish per day can increase the speed of your reaction, improves work of vessels, and consequently the functioning of the cerebrum, too.

2. Cranberries and blueberries

Essential antioxidants free our cerebrum from harmful substances that damage intracellular membranes. Antioxidants improve the cognitive function of the cerebrum and memory. Champions by the presence of these substances are blueberries and blueberry. These berries are the best brain food, because of large amounts of vitamin C, B1, and B6, vitamin pp, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.


3. Walnuts

It is another source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Nuts increase the level of serotonin, a substance that helps fight depression. In such food for the brain, there is lecithin, which improves the brain and activates the memory. 5 young walnuts – is a daily rate, and you will think fast.

4. Cocoa

Cocoa beans contain antioxidant flavonol. It improves cerebral circulation and protects it from oxidation processes that lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Withal, sweet hot chocolate has anandamide – a substance that creates a sense of satisfaction with life and helps produce dopamine, the hormone that responsible for our good mood.


5. Eggs

It is one of the highest quality protein sources. In them, there is a large number of the fats and vitamins – a feast for our brains. And eggs have choline. It helps us to focus and improves the ability of neurons to conduct nerve impulses.

6. Ginseng

To improve the efficiency of the cerebrum, we hit coffee and tea. And they really help, but only if you use these drinks in moderation – no more than 2 cups a day. If you abuse of coffee, the “reward” will be a loss of response and clarity of mind.

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But a few drops of a tincture of ginseng improve mental performance without negative consequences. The action of ginseng lasts longer than caffeine and tannin, but not an abuse of it. It takes only a couple of drops on a glass of water not more than 2 times per day.

7. Broccoli

It is one of the main sources of vitamin k, which improves brain function. And it has boron. The lack of this element traces to results in decreasing brain activity. All kinds of cabbage are very useful for the brain. Brussels increases the ability to concentrate.


8. Apples

They strengthen and improve the brain blood vessels, increase their flexibility and prevent clogging. Consequently, apples cut the risk of brain hemorrhage and stroke.


9. Bread wholemeal

If we eat sweet foods, in our blood are thrown out a lot of insulin. And the brain begins to fall asleep. We can not work normally. But carbohydrates are very necessary for the cerebrum, it is best to use “slow”. Their sources – a variety of cereals and legumes, flour, meal products. These carbohydrates will supply energy to the cerebrum for a long time.

10. Lentil

Withal to many of complex carbohydrates, it has amino acids that are needed for fast biochemical processes in the cerebrum’s cells, which provides mental clarity and increases a speed of thought.

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Thursday 15th of February 2018

i heard about apples! thank you for remind me

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