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10 Key Online Casino Marketing Tips To Follow

Casinos are a marketing dream.

They appeal to the senses and tap into powerful consumer psychology.

There’s already a demand for gambling, an experience that attracts a wide range of demographics. In fact, half of surveyed consumers have gambled in the past month. Plus, over a quarter of the global population enjoys gambling online for example on US sportsbooks with Venmo.

Online gambling is an even bigger opportunity for marketers and betting experts. Plus, it’s more accessible than the closest traditional casino.

Are you a betting expert with an entrepreneurial streak?

Apply your passion, resources, and business skills toward a thriving online casino. Here are ten online casino marketing tips to get you started.

10 Key Online Casino Marketing Tips To Follow

1. Online Casino Market Research

Gambling has broad appeal, but online gambling is particularly popular with gen x and millennial consumers. The average age is 47, while traditional casinos see an average age of 51.

A staggering 75% of surveyed college students also engage in sports betting.

You have an opportunity to reach a lot of players, both new and seasoned. Narrow your market research even further to find new players, like online game enthusiasts and fantasy sports fans.

This is where your online advertising strategy will come in handy.

Deep dive into the gambling habits of your target demographic. Research the following gaming activities to gain more insight into your target market:

  • First-person shooters
  • Board games
  • Adventure games
  • Hidden pictures
  • Traditional Casino games
  • Card games
  • Simulation games like the SIMS

Game show-inspired games are another example. Players who enjoy game shows like “Wheel of Fortune,” “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” and “Jeopardy” are an excellent demographic to target.

In fact, Wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular slot machines in Vegas and online.

There are even more gaming preferences to target, like board games and Candy Crush. You can learn a lot from Monopoly, a popular online bingo and slots theme. 

Monopoly-themed bingo games also let players play the virtual board game for bonus chips and cash.

Think creatively. How can you best visually capture your target demographic?

2. Vintage-Inspired Marketing

Online casinos give marketers a rare opportunity to channel the past.

Casinos have a timeless quality. Walk around the Vegas strip, and you’ll find plenty of casinos reminiscent of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. You’ll also discover Renaissance-inspired casino resorts like The Venetian.

Vintage themes are perfect for online slots, bingo, and video poker games. It’s also a winning online casino theme overall.

Players love the familiar feeling of vintage Vegas lights, slot machine sounds, lounge music, grand hotels, and cocktails.

Consider your theme as you select games for your online casino. You can feature games from other developers or develop your own online gambling games.

3. User-Friendly Design Tips

An enticing casino theme is one feature of excellent UX design. UX stands for “user experience.” UX covers a range of subjects, like website speed, navigation, color theory, and more.

You already have your aesthetics covered. Now, think of ways to make your website as user-friendly as possible.

For starters, your visitors are ready to play now. How can you get new visitors rocking and rolling as quickly as possible?

Start with the following features:

  • A visible and straightforward menu
  • Sign-up and login buttons
  • Player account pages
  • Settings page
  • Game rooms with easy navigation
  • Easy mobile site design
  • Multiple payment options
  • Easy site registration
  • Lightning-fast site speed

Don’t make visitors jump through more hoops than they have to. You may want to add a homepage pop-up prompting new visitors to sign up, along with a sign-up incentive.

Casinos that offer free chips or cash have much higher player retention rates.

Players also need a hassle-free way to track their winnings and cash on hand.

Casinos typically include metrics on the players’ account pages. Most sites feature real-time metrics for players on the homepage. That way, players don’t have to switch back and forth to monitor their chips.

4. Enticing Online Games

Game selection is so important.

You should also refresh your selection and phase out less popular games. Feel free to a/b test various online games. Remember to analyze game metrics to understand visitors’ behaviors.

Once you get a better idea of your visitors’ playing habits, you can curate games that match their preferences. That’s data in action!

There are a lot of online casinos out there. You have an opportunity to define yourself in a unique way. What themes, games, and features set your casino apart from the rest? ​

10 Key Online Casino Marketing Tips To Follow

5. Bonuses and “Happy Hours”

All top online casinos dish out bonuses, a lot of bonuses.

Once players run out of cash, it won’t be long until they join another casino site. You need to make their investment worthwhile, even when they’re not on a winning streak.

Bonuses incentivize new players to sign up, but they also uplift players who feel down on their luck. You want to create a positive, motivating experience for all players.

Sign-up bonuses are an excellent start. Online casinos also give out bonuses for playing time.

For example, you may notice a little time meter on certain casino sites. Once the meter fills up, the player receives a bonus. This strategy is an excellent way to keep players hooked on their favorite games.

Bonus happy hours are another clever strategy. For example, players could receive triple payouts or free gameplay for three hours. Happy hours are perfect for weekend gameplay too.

Incorporate bonuses into your casino referral strategy too. For example, for every new referral, players can receive 500 free chips. Now, that’s an incentive.

You don’t have anything to lose with bonuses. Free chips are digital. Plus, they encourage visitors to play (and invest) for longer.

6. Email Marketing

Bonuses also pair nicely with email marketing.

You could offer bonus chips in exchange for newsletter sign-ups. Plus, you can send weekly bonuses to recipients. This strategy increases player loyalty and referrals to your casino.

A newsletter is a brilliant way to grow your email list.

Email lists are a marketing asset for online casinos. For instance, you could segment your list to craft more personalized emails. Wouldn’t your members love to receive free chips on their birthday?

Many players receive email notifications on their smartphones. You can use your email list to send surprise bonuses to increase gameplay on slow days.

Consider going a step further and allowing push notifications, as well. Players must opt in before installing push notifications. You can use push notifications to remind players of an upcoming casino power hour.

7. Go Live!

Every online casino needs live features.

Popular features include:

  • Live chats
  • Live poker
  • Live raffles
  • Live Bingo
  • Live competitions

You can provide these experiences with online casino software. Check out this PPH casino software to learn how to incorporate live sports betting into your site, as well.

8. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another way to drive sign-ups and participation.

You could allow for social media registration, allowing users to sign up with their Facebook or Twitter accounts. If players allow syncing, their friends will see their casino activity, inspiring them to sign-up too.

Players can also share referral links on social media, rewarding them and new sign-ups with bonus chips.

Like email marketing, you can use your social media to advertise upcoming happy hours, power hours, and live gaming events.

9. Betting Expert Blogging

Do you have expert gambling and betting advice to share?

Online players want the latest betting odds, games with the highest payouts, game strategies, hottest slots, and more.

Instead of sending them to the competition, create your own expert blog.

Optimize your blog so it shows up in search engines under the right keywords. Target phrases like “online gambling tips,” “best online casino games,” and “gambling tips for beginners.” This practice is also known as SEO.

10. SEO for Online Casinos

Where do players go to discover new online casinos?

Google, of course!

Blogging is one way to improve your search rankings and visibility.

Excellent optimization also includes technical SEO, guest posts, link building, and paid search ads. These methods boost your search ranking so that players can find your casino on the first page.

Start your site optimization with a complete website audit. Audits reveal your best (and worst) rankings. Plus, an SEO analyst can perform a gap analysis to uncover unclaimed keyword opportunities.

You can analyze your competitor’s rankings and content to reveal even more ranking opportunities.

App advertising is another way to increase casino app downloads. Advertise your casino on other gaming apps to boost visibility. Gaming apps monetize their platforms with casino ads to enable free gameplay.

10 Key Online Casino Marketing Tips To Follow

Become an Online Casino Mogul

Are you a casino or betting expert with a passion for business? Turn your skills into a popular online casino.

Consider everything from user design to juicy casino bonuses. Players are always hungry for new online casino experiences. How can you make your mark in the online gaming world?

Keep this mega guide close by, and follow the blog for even more valuable tips.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.