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10 Fun Activities For Families During A Quarantine

10 Fun Activities For Families During A Quarantine

More than 431,000 people in the United States have tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus. Worldwide, lmost 147,700 more have died since February, raising fears about the future of the public health sector. The declaration of the virus as a global pandemic by the WHO on March 11 was a further indication of the gravity of this emerging crisis.


The greatest challenge remains the highly contagious nature of the virus. Consequently, many States have issued shelter-in-place orders to avert the impending threat to the public.

So what activities for families are most relevant as loved ones quarantine in the safety of their homes? Find out more here.

Why Has Quarantine Become an Important Measure?

Globally, governments continue to put measures in place to avert the spread of the Coronavirus. Whether it's through lockdowns, restriction orders, or shelter-in-place stipulations, most families now find themselves in the confines of their homes albeit involuntarily.

Quarantine refers to the restriction of people's movements to prevent the spread of a disease. In the wake of the current pandemic that’s ravaging across global nations, Americans and people the world over are now facing strict stay at home orders.

For some people, this state of affairs may be a recipe for boredom due to the assumed limited fun activities at home. However, you might be shocked at the various fun activities for families that can make your stay indoors worthwhile.

House Speaker Dennis Bonnen believes there’s much more that families can do while indoors as they bond and discover each other more. Here’re some of the options you can consider.

Activities for Families During Quarantine

Staying all day indoors can be depressing, but only if you don't have much to do. With these ten fun activities, you can kiss the boredom goodbye.

10 Fun Activities For Families During A Quarantine

1. Sharpen Your Minds With Board Games

Board games are great pastime options in a family setting. You not only get a chance to compete in a safe environment but also engage your kids’ minds in ways that build their mental aptitude. If you're wondering how to survive through this period, then board games for kids like Monopoly or scrabble are all you need.

2. Learn and Teach You Kids New Skills

When was the last time you added a new skill to your skillset? Well, as a family, this may be the opportune moment to learn new skills. There’s a lot to learn while indoors that can make a difference in the future.

Something as simple as sewing or baking may help your family bond more even as they learn new skills. The world is lucky that at least there’s YouTube. You can assess numerous tutorials on a wide range of DIYs that can help prepare your family to be self-reliant in the post Coronavirus era.

3. Review Old Photos From Family Albums

Modern parents are generally busy. However, there are memories you might have wanted to share with your family but never had a chance. Well, this is an excellent opportunity. While modern generations find more interest in digital photography, you'll be shocked at how interested your children would be to go down memory lane.

This is your chance to relive the memories of your early years. During this Corona pandemic, it may be your chance to pass sentimental information about your family's history and lineage.

4. Set up Treasure Hunts

Indoor treasure hunts are easy and fun activities. Depending on the value of the treasure, you might get everybody on board.

You can as well hide as many as 20 items within your home, depending on the size of your house. This one activity can keep your kids occupied for hours on end.

5. Bring in the Art Supplies

This is the time to discover hidden talents. Painting, drawing, and coloring can be possible options in your timetable. You can take advantage of the limited opportunities to get out of your home and add as many art supplies as possible.

Art can help your children to explore their imagination as they try out new designs. Who knows, you might be nurturing the next Leonardo da Vinci with this simple act.

6. Check-In With Friends and Relatives

No, the shelter-in-place orders have not been revoked, at least not yet. But, hey, what's the use of skype and other virtual meetups such as Facebook live? The Coronavirus pandemic will end, and you need to keep those social circles going.

Frequent virtual meetups will help your family retain the social nature that is inherent in human beings. Take full advantage of the internet during this period and check out on your loved ones.

7. How About a Karaoke Show at Home?

During this global pandemic, pressure and tension are evident. They say music is medicine to the soul, so why not sing aloud as you shout the stress away. With the numerous Karaoke apps and YouTube Karaoke at your disposal, it may be an opportune moment to turn the music on to exercise your vocals with your family as the audience.

8. Try out New Recipes

The kitchen cannot be out of bounds during this period. If you have been looking for activities for families that can help you bond, then cooking fun meals is your answer. You can try out new recipes and even invent new ideas to spruce up the meals as a team.

Bringing the entire household on board during meal preparation can help reduce the workload in the kitchen. The only thing you must consider is the safety of the entire family while in the kitchen.

9. Play Video Games

Contrary to many views, video games can help make the brain smarter. Video games help increase intelligence due to the level of reaction time required. As a parent, you can opt for non-violent video games, and enjoy classic moments of high intensity as you compete with the kids.

10. Host Movie Nights

Hosting frequent movie nights complete with home-prepped popcorns can be a deal-breaker during the quarantine. If you have been wondering what activities for families you can engage in, it's time to note down all the family-friendly movies out here and create your home theatre.

The Greatest Winner Will Be Family During This Pandemic

The statistics of deaths due to COVID-19 are sobering. Your best bet as a preventive measure is to stay at home. However, most Americans wonder what activities for families can help them get by the strict shelter-in-place orders.

With these ten fun indoor activities, it's the perfect moment to bond with family. Take full advantage and make these trying moments a lasting memory.

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