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10 Countries That Brought You New York City’s Cannabis Culture

From the tastes of its restaurants to the products of its stores to the diversity of its people, New York City is a melting pot of amazing cultures. When it comes to the strains and origins of its cannabis, the same is true. 

If you want a way to appreciate weed from around the world, then look no further than your local New York cannabis dispensary. From A to Z, here is a list of 10 countries that brought you the Big Apple’s cannabis culture. 

10 Countries That Brought You New York City's Cannabis Culture

1. Afghanistan

Home to some of the world’s oldest landrace strains, Afghanistan and cannabis go way back. To help you unwind after a long day in the city, there are several relaxing Afghan varieties you can choose from.  

2. Colombia

To prepare for the hustle and bustle of the day, on the other hand, you need something to wake you up. For an option that is as energetic as its cultural roots, give Colombian Gold a try. 

3. Eswatini

For another boost to your get-up-and-go, check out Swazi Gold. Arising from the heart of Eswatini, the label of this strain comes from the country’s former name, Swaziland. 

4. India

Although less common in NYC today, there are many great-tasting landrace strains that come from India. Even if you cannot find the original stuff, there are plenty of cannabis products stemming from Indian genetics. 

5. Jamaica

When you need to lighten up and take a break, Jamaican culture offers the cheering option of Lamb’s Bread. Famous for its ability to make people smile, this strain will have you laughing before you know it. 

6. Malawi

As a country that has recently embraced the economic value of cannabis, Malawi is home to one of the most famous strains in all of Africa: Malawi Gold. When you need a late night pick-me-up, this is sure to do the trick!

7. Mexico

As a producer of some of the world’s tastiest food, Mexico is also the birthplace of some the most delicious weed. If you want to soar with the stars, check out the Mexican Oaxaca strain. For a more creative and uplifting energy, try Acapulco Gold.

8. Pakistan

If you are a fan of deep purple buds, then you are going to love Pakistan Chitral Kush. Originating from the Kush mountain range in Pakistan, this strain can help you reach the peak of bliss in no time.

9. Panama 

Another country that is reconsidering its cannabis laws, Panama also has a long history with the plant. For a semi-psychedelic high to energizes you body and awakens your mind, look no further than Panama Red or one of its many hybrids. 

10. South Africa

As a country that is bustling with life, South Africa is where the powerfully stimulating strain of Durban Poison comes from. While the original provides a much sought-after euphoric experience, several of its hybrids like Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies are also widely popular. 

The next time you are enjoying your favorite NYC bud, take a moment to appreciate the beautiful mosaic of its roots. Here is to sharing an international love for cannabis. 

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