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Zeus Bomber Ball


When it comes to my dogs we are always looking for a toy, that can with stand the 4 big dogs we have as well as my little guys being able to play with it. There are so many toys we have thrown out because the bigger ones have ruined them. With all of them they love to play catch.

Finally we have been able to find a great toy that they can all play with, and they can’t pull it apart. The Zeus Bomber Ball all of the dogs love it.


Throw it! Retrieve it! Tug it! Float it! There’s so much fun to be had with the Bomber by Zeus. Truly interactive, the Bomber is rugged and durable, making it the ideal toy for those dogs that just love to play and love to play hard!

My big dogs all try to get it and run after each other, the puppy’s on the other hand just want to chase after it. Made of natural rubber, Bomber features a reinforced polyester layer to help maintain the ball’s shape and structure and a hollow air chamber ensures bounce and allows the ball to float.

When we took it outside and threw it the dogs had so much fun, Kia and her daddy were having a tuck of war and he almost knocked him down. So far its lasting all the dogs want us to play with them and the ball. We have the big dog out than we can take the smaller ones out , they even try to carry it and its bigger than them.

Love this ball and the hours of fun we are having with the fur babies, running, chasing and the tug of war. More like them tugging and us trying not to fall over, especially the lab, Shepard, pit mix and the husky mix.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.