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Yummy Snacks & Sneaky Chef – Yummy Yet Good For You

Yummy Snacks

Yummy Snacks

YummyHealth offers a wide variety of healthy yet tasty Yummy Snacks for the entire family. They are so tasty that the kids never realize they are eating something healthy. If you are like me I am always searching for healthier snacks for my grandkids and for myself. 

These tasty bars are low-calorie, high in calcium, grain and gluten-free, high in fiber, low sugar, high in protein and omega 3. All of that in one tasty snack bar. They also give you the choice of chips. The kids will never know and my grandkids love them all. 

Yummy Snacks

The Brownie Bar is by far my favorite of all the flavors. As you can see it is just like one of the “bad” candy bars. They are very thick and taste amazing! These are a permanent feature in our home now. 

I have also discovered Sneaky Chef! 

Yummy Snacks

I am a die-hard peanut butter lover. I truly never thought that I would enjoy No-Nut Butter. I was mistaken, Sneaky Chef has definitely found the right recipe for the most delicious No-Nut Butter I have ever tasted. It not only tastes as good as regular peanut butter, it also spreads just as easily. I really like that it is 100% peanut and tree nut free, the facility is nut-free, all natural, gluten-free, soy free. I know while making snacks to send to my grandchildren school you can not send anything containing nut, due to allergies. This makes it so much easier to find recipes to send them snacks. Plus it is healthier and my grandkids love it as much as I do. 

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