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You, Too, Can Become A Cartoon Artist!

When I was a child, I had a friend who worked for a famous animation company. I was always in awe of how quickly and how skillfully he could draw cartoon characters. Then, one day, I asked if he would teach me how to draw a famous cartoon mouse. He then proceeded to show me, in a few simple steps, how easy it was. Within a few minutes, I was drawing a famous cartoon character on my own! Would you (or someone you know) like to learn how to draw cartoon figures? If so, I'd like to suggest The Little Book of Cartooning & Illustration: More Than 50 Tips And Techniques For Drawing Characters, Animals, And Expressions (Walter Foster Publishing, December 4, 2018), by Maury Aaseng, Clay Butler, Jim Campbell, Dan D'Addario, Alex Hallatt, and Joe Oesterle.


What You'll Learn About Cartooning

With the help of this great little book, the reader will learn from experienced artists and see how he or she can soon be on the way to becoming a cartoon artist and have fun while doing it. The book covers basic information, such as tools and materials. It also goes into more detailed information, such as the “Squash & Stretch Principle” and other tricks of the trade. It shows how to draw the individual body parts (with several options for each) and how to combine emotions. The authors also show you how to bring life to inanimate objects and how to draw caricatures of famous people, including Lady Gaga!

It doesn't end there. The reader is also given plenty of step-by-step directions in drawing really fun characters. And, there are plenty of “Practice Here” pages contained within the book for the reader/artist to practice their own skills in drawing what they've learned.

This is really a great book packed with useful and fun tips, guidance, and educational information. And, in my opinion, it could be used by people of so many different ages (from child to elderly). No matter what skill level you have as an artist, this book is a great resource to add variety to your artistic abilities.

The Little Book Of Cartooning & Illustration is available for purchase on the Quarto Knows website. It's available in softcover and retails for $14.99 (price subject to change). So, check it out and see all that this little book has to offer. I have some family members in my household that can't wait to use this book once I'm done with it!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.