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York Nordic High Quality Walking And Trekking Poles


York Nordic

The owner of York Nordic, Lauren DeLong, is a certified Nordic Walking instructor. Her passion for walking began when her mother had hip replacement surgery. The surgeon recommended Nordic Walking as a way to help her mother to maintain her balance while strengthening her hip. 

She decided to manufacture her own poles because she found that most of the poles on the market lacked quality, style, and key features for different age groups. Her line offers 12 pole designs and 4 different types of grips. 

York Nordic

York Nordic

As a result her poles are high quality walking poles with innovative features and stylish designs. While the poles are adjusted easily using the exclusive flip locks that snap ( and stay ) in place. They come with a screw on “basket” for snow or sand walking. While also having a tungsten steel tip with detachable rubber feet and travel bag!

York Nordic York Nordic

When you order your walking poles you can choose between 2 different grip styles.

Trek Grip – it is contoured foam that supports your hand and fleece lined strap that offers great wrist support. Works great for different types of terrains. The bottom of the grip has an extended foam grip that provides extra grip at a lower point on the pole for steeper trails.

Nordic Cork Grip – easy click out release glove style strap that maximizes your control of the pole. This grip is thicker than traditional grips which makes it more comfortable. The strap is specially designed to make it easier to keep the strap secured.

York Nordic

This would be the perfect gift for the hiker or skier in the family. Just for our readers use this code BESTGIFT when you checkout and you will receive 20% off on Amazon Folding Traveler Walking Poles.

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