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WPS Office 2016 for Windows




There are so many apps out there, as a blogger and writer we tend to use.  And the one that I love using is my windows office. And with the 2016 addition, there are so many, new things to explore and use.  This is great has a complete office suite, spreadsheets including writers presentation and spreadsheets. 


What's great is the spreadsheets come in colors so that we can keep things in order, when we have something going on with the blog. This way everything's clear and there're no issues with things.  Another thing I am excited about is this can be used with, Microsoft Office and Google Docs/ Apps. 

Love that there are so many new and exciting things to use, like the 250 fronts and hundreds of free templates. Can not wait to get finally the chance to try them.  What I find a great feature is the little Tabbed View feature, making it so much easier for me to open and multiple documents ar the same time, without any issues. 

There are just so many great features I want to tell you about, this office can and does support other languages. How great is that?  And the collaboration tool includes track changes and comments and the best spell check.   We use a lot of PDF files, and this has a built in one, so being able to open it and print it without trouble is a plus for me. 


Working with others couldn't be any easier. You can now not only share and work on files with others as well as add comments but also chat with them, review previous versions of the document you're working on and restore one of them if needed.    All of the features are great, and this will save me a lot of time and trouble. 


The smallest sized office suite for any Android phone, uniquely designed for Android smartphones and tablets. Now you can autosave and document encryption. Can be used with USB and Bluetooth keyboards. This is the best thing and as you all know is I love working with this and it's so easy to download. 

What about you what's your favorite app?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.