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Valentine’s Faux Dessert Shakes

Valentine’s Faux Dessert Shakes

Kelly R
This pair of Faux Dessert Shake decor items will make you feel nostalgic about being on a date, drinking shakes with a loved one. The items look like they just came from a retro restaurant. They are life-like looking but miniature.
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Prep Time 7 mins
Cook Time 38 mins
Dry Time 2 d
Total Time 2 d 45 mins


  • 1 Container of lightweight spackle*
  • Mixing bowl and a plastic knife
  • 2 plastic shot cups*
  • Pink acrylic paint (used Craft Smart brand “Rose”)
  • Brown acrylic paint (used Apple Barrel brand “Brown Oxide”)
  • Small paintbrush*
  • Disposable plastic pastry bag (or a strong Ziploc-type bag)
  • optional - plastic icing tip/ring*
  • 1 piece of paper towel*
  • Paper straws
  • 4 Red wooden beans (medium-sized from multi-colored and sized variety pack)*
  • Pearl beads (smallest size from the multi-sized pack)*
  • 2 Red heart sparkle stickers*
  • Red gemstone stickers*
  • Multi-purpose spray glue*
  • *Items from Dollar Tree


  • Scrape out the spackle into a plastic bowl/container and add about 2 teaspoons of pink paint. Mix well.
  • Add to the pastry bag and set aside.
  • Paint the inside of a shot cup with pink paint. Let dry for a few minutes.
  • Ball up a small piece of paper towel and place it into the cup.
  • Paint around any areas that may have wiped off. (I liked the look of a little white behind the paint...it made it look “creamy”.)
  • Repeat with brown paint in the other cup.
  • Set both aside for 10 minutes or so.
  • Hold the cup firmly with one hand, and with the other hand, squeeze the spackle out beginning around the rim and then inward in a swirling motion.
  • Spray a little spray glue to the top and gently press in a bead.
  • Cut straws about 1 ½ inch.
  • Press into the icing on an angle.
  • Using the smallest size heart sticker, press onto the front of the “chocolate” cup.
  • Cut another heart sticker of the same size into “sprinkles”.
  • Spray a little glue spray and attach the sprinkles gently to the spackle.
  • On the “strawberry” cup, press a line of gemstone stickers to the top and bottom of the cup.
  • Spray a little spray glue to the spackle and gently press pearls.
  • Set the size to dry 1-2 days.
  • This will be fragile.


If you do not have a tip for the pastry bag or have found it hard to push the spackle out with a tip, then cut a notch into the end of the bag in a “V” shape.
When attaching the sticker and pearl “sprinkles” if you find it too hard to use your fingers, use craft tweezers.
Use ventilation when using the spray glue.
If you would like more weight to the cup, add a few marbles or small stones at the bottom of the shot cup before you put the paper towel down.
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