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Pinecone Snowmen

Pinecone Snowmen

Gather up some pine cones from outside of the local craft store to create these adorable pinecone snowmen.  All you need are some cotton balls, small poms in assorted colors, googly eyes, white felt, brown and orange pipe cleaners, hot glue gun with hot glue sticks and white felt. This is such a fun Christmas craft idea that allows you to have a festive, seasonally friendly decor piece in your home or on your Christmas tree. These pinecone snowmen will surely be a fabulous talking point for any family you have visited during the holiday season.
Course: DIY and Crafts
Keyword: Craft, Easy Crafts, Pinecone Crafts, Snowman crafts
Author: Kelly R


  • - 3 Medium size Pine Cones
  • - 6-9 Cotton Balls
  • - 6 Small Poms assorted colors
  • - 9 Mini Black Poms
  • - 6 Googly Eyes
  • - Brown & Orange Pipe Cleaners
  • - White Felt
  • - Hot Glue Gun


  • To make the snowmen’s head,cut three 1-inch circles out of the white felt.
  • Take the brown pipecleaner and cut six 2-inch pieces and six ½-inch pieces. Fold the ½-inch piecesaround the ends of the 2-inch pieces to create arms. Then cut three ½-inch piecesfor the carrot nose.
  • On the head, glue 2 eyes,nose, and 3 mini black poms for the mouth. Set aside.
  • Take the cotton balls andpull them apart, tuck and push the pieces into the pinecones.
  • Glue one head to the topfront of the pinecone. Then glue on 2 colored poms and 2 arms.
  • Set in a group on a table, fireplace mantel, or window sill. You can also addstring and hang on the Christmas tree!
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