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Wound and Skin Care



Have been looking for a Wound and Skin Care product ? Now I don’t mean for those deep wounds that should be seen by a Dr. I don’t know about you but I have a four year old boy who is always falling scraping his knees and getting cuts and getting hurt. Its always a pain to try and use the rubbing alcohol and peroxide on his cuts he cries that it hurts and that it burns and I hate to hear that from him. I have tried everything to help him not feel the pain from the products but nothing has helped with this effect.

Now Nixall is a company who has made this horrific ordeal with my son. They have several different types of spray that makes cleaning cuts and abrasions a lot easier. Some of the products are Cleanser,First Aid Solution , Wound and Skin Care Solution, and they even have some products for our furry friends as well and they are Skin and Coat Grooming Solution  and Wound and Skin Care

I love that they have products for our fur babies. When you have pets you have pets you cant use the same products on them as we do on our selves. Some of the products that we use can make them sick and not feel very well. With Nixall you don’t have to worry about that you can use the pet products and have no worries what so ever about them getting sick or ill. You can just spray their wounds and go on .

Now the other products that they have for us and they make it so much easier for us as well . just as like for the pets we have a cleaner and a sanitizer and First aid solution. The first Aid Solution you can use on sun burns which relieves the burn and helps to heal the burn. The sanitizer makes it easier to sanitize the area and the cleaner helps to clean the wound out and helps it to heal.

The products form Nixall are great products to give as gifts and to those who have pets and the ones who are outdoors people an the ones who have kids. Actually they are great products for everyone.

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