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Worry Eaters Eat Away Your Child’s Worries

    If you follow our lives on my blog, you know that my son Liam is Autistic. He also has severe anxiety, and suffers greatly with Bipolar Disorder at times. (If you’re new to our journey, well, know you know!) Sadly, his fears are sometimes greater than his strength. When Kelly said that Haywire Group wanted one of us to check out their Worry Eaters, I was more than excited! Let me tell you why.

    One of Liam’s most beloved behavior therapists was thankfully with us, during one of his most severe cycles to date. One of the exercises she did for my son was, she had him relay his fears and worries to her, then she wrote them on index cards. The next step was to either have us burn them for him, or let him destroy them himself, to get rid of those worries. He had me keep them in my wallet….or a YEAR! Then he finally mustered up the courage to tear those fears to shreds, and throw them away. Guess what? He hasn’t had those particular fears in a year. I’m not kidding! And you know what? This is the basic principle behind Haywire Group’s Worry Eaters.

    Liam received Saggo. As soon as he ripped open the package, he was hugging him to pieces! He immediately read the card the attached, and excitedly showed me how Saggo would eat his worries away! (Liam also renamed him Dean.) He has since put one secret fear inside of Saggo’s mouth, where it still sits. He hugs him daily and tells him how much he loves him. He adores his Worry Eater! He even said it reminds him of “how my Miss Amy helped me with my worries!” 

Saggo and Liam

    So, if you have a child, or know a child, that suffers from fears or worries, then a Worry Eater would be an amazing gift for them. They have many “eaters” to choose from! Wanda, Schnulli, Flint, Betti, and Polli, just to name a few. Each has its own adorable look, and will make a great addition to any child’s life. You don’t have to take just mine and Liam’s word for it. Worry Eaters have won awards for how phenomenal they are! They have won, 2015 National Parenting Publications Gold Award, Mom’s Choice Award, 2015 Creative Child Awards, and MANY more! 

    To choose a Worry Eater that’s perfect for your child or loved one, head to Haywire Group’s website. You can even connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Worry Eaters

Gerd Hahn’s Worry Eaters

    Now tell me, which Worry Eater is YOUR favorite? (I love Wanda, Polli, and Betti.)


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