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Wilber’s War An Epic Tale Of Duty, Heroism, Love, and Human Frailty


Wilber's War

Wilber's War gives us a detail of what was going on that led up to December 7th. 2016 is the 75th anniversary of a “date which will live in infamy” the attack on Pearl Harbor. Which thrust America into World War II, those events forever changed our nation.
And for the Bradt family it marked the beginning of their family's demise. And now Hale Bradt has decided to share the love letters that his father wrote to his mother. Not only did he write love letters to his wife at home he documented the war in open and honest letters home.
This book was turned into a movie for TV.

MY Soldier Reading Wilber's War

Wilber's War
I have never served or fought in war, so I can never truly understand how the soldiers feel when they come back home. My husband is a retired disabled veteran and loves reading books written by and about other veterans. He understood the reality of combat, the invisible wounds of war. The struggle of what it takes to try to adjust when you come home. How hard it was on his wife at the time when he came home and their life just wasn't the same. He could understand and feel what he felt. How hard it can be on kids when you are deployed for a long time.

My husband did not put this book down until he finished it. I could tell that it touched him and brought of many memories of his own. At times he just dropped his head and times I think I saw a tear fall. For someone like him who understand war this was a very accurate description of what happens when our loved ones defend our freedom. For me, a civilian, it opened my eyes and gave me an insight into what our military go through to protect us. 

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