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Peace Of Mind For Mom~ Wi-Fi Baby Camera by D-Link

HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Baby Camera

When my kids were babies we didn't have such cool tools like the tricked-out HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Baby Camera (DCS-855L) which provides peace of mind with integrated motion and sound detection, night vision and temperature sensing technology. What….oh my goodness this is when I'm very happy with high-tech items that enrich our lives.  When my kids were babies I would check in on them all night and even when they were napping.  I needed to see for myself if they were okay.  Most of the time I would wake them up by opening or closing the door so this would have come in real handy, back in the day.   

All parents should have one of these!  Look at what this baby camera does:

  • Sound and Motion Detection
  • Pan and Tilts 
  • Remote viewing anywhere with internet connection
  • Instant Push Alerts
  • Temperature Alerts 
  • Takes Snapshots and Videos directly to your mobile device 
  • Play lullabies
  • Has a microSD card slot for audio recoding 
  • 4x Digital Zoom 
  • Day and Night Vision
  • HD 720p

HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Baby Camera

I love the Two-Way Audio- you can talk to your child while they are in their room and they can talk back.  This would come in handy when they wake up from their nap and let you know.  I remember several times I didn't know my son woke up and he had his diaper off and making a big mess in his room.  It's just amazing what this little camera can do.  This would make the best gift for parents! 

The best part is HOW EASY it is to set up~ 

Step 1 : INSTALL mydlink® Baby App onto your phone or tablet

Whether you're at home or on-the-go, the mydlink® Baby app keeps you connected to your baby and allows you to manage all of your camera's features directly from your mobile device.

Step 2: Put camera where you want it.  

The Camera Pan & Tilts- Easily rotate your camera to get the perfect view of an entire room.

Step 3: Go ahead and monitor- check out everything! 


HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Baby Camera

 Representing a new generation of monitoring solutions fit for the modern parent, the new camera works seamlessly with the free mydlink Baby app to transform mobile devices into top-of-the-line baby monitors. The DCS-855L features remote pan and tilt technology, allowing parents to adjust their viewing angle right from a smart phone or tablet device to get a sweeping view of an entire nursery. Boasting HD video and video recording, moms can also soothe their baby back to sleep with two-way audio and personalized, recorded lullabies.

Please check out this amazing HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Baby Camera and this is really a peace of mind for Mom.  My kids are a little older but I'm still watching them.  


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.