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Why Handwritten Party Invitations Get More Response


Birthday parties are a special time for the birthday boy or girl, and a chance to be the center of attention.  It’s a celebration, and more guests means more excitement for the party, right?  Nothing is more disappointing than a small turnout, and it’s entirely avoidable if you take the time to connect with your guests beforehand.  With a multitude of high volume communications in today’s digital landscape – mass e-mails, junk mail, notifications, etc. – it’s more important than ever to reach out personally to be heard.  If you want a great turnout for your next birthday party, skip the emails, Facebook posts and texts and take the time to write out your birthday invitations.

Handwritten birthday invitations get more response than any other kind of invite for several reasons.  The most important (and obvious) reason is that they add a personal touch.  In today’s world of virtual everything, it is easy to ignore the numerous posts and emails, and in many cases the intended guests may not even see an electronic birthday invitation.  It’s a world of noise, noise, noise!  A handwritten invite shows that you took the time and effort to invite the most important people in your life in a personal way.  When someone receives a handwritten birthday invitation, he or she is much more likely to remember receiving it because it stands out from the clutter.

Another great reason to use handwritten birthday invitations is the ability to tailor them to each individual guest.  You can use favorite nicknames to create personal requests, and it shows your guests that they are all special.  Handwritten invitations take a little extra time to complete, and those receiving the card know this.  While it seems a small touch, the extra time and attention helps to create more excitement for the birthday party.  Build the anticipation!

If you’ve got a large guest list, customized invitations can have a similar effect – while saving you the hand cramps.  Any invitation that stands out in the mail is more likely to be opened, read, and remembered.  Custom invitations make a big difference in response rate, and set the tone for your party.  Remember – invitations are the perfect medium for generating buzz and setting expectations for your event, and there are invitations readily available for every theme, style, and budget.  Some sites even offer same day shipping – perfect for the procrastinating party planner.

Birthday invitations also get more response when an RSVP is attached.  An RSVP is usually used to request that the person receiving it take the time to respond to the sender to let them know whether they can attend the party or not.  When receiving an RSVP, most people will make it a point to note the party date and time on their calendars.  This leads to less people forgetting about the party, so your birthday boy or girl knows they are important to their guests.  Simply put, RSVPs give guests a sense of accountability, and they’ll more easily understand that their presence will have an impact on your planning.

While a handwritten birthday invitation seems to be quickly becoming a thing of the past, time used in creating them is well spent.  The personal touch adds to a more memorable birthday invitation, so guests are much more likely to respond.  If you’re guest list is too large, at least take a little bit more time to truly customize your invitations.  Remember: if you really want to make your next party a success, skip all of the electronic do-dads and fight the hand cramps when inviting your guests.  The response just might surprise you.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.